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WE DID IT!! LEVEL 10 CLAN PERKS Unlocked! | 3 Star Attack Strategy Clan War Recap | Clash of Clans

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  1. Sweets here ?

  2. good clan

  3. yoohoo! originally that was 40v40 till odium pop out and reresearch. hihihi
    congrats to us mate!

  4. how to earn free gems ?


  6. Grats guys! Keep up the great content Wicked!

  7. Are you accepting th 8s now?

  8. Congrats!

  9. congrats!! i hope to see your clan go to lvl 11 soon! great job!!

  10. I am a max th9 with lvl 18 heroes (working on them right now and king about to be 19) may I join?

  11. #mismatch

  12. woop woop congrats guys

  13. way to go man,,come on over and give me 30 troops lol,,jk but congrats dawg!!!

  14. i like your starting speech… :P….. "hey guys wicked here what's going on"….i love this :)

  15. What level is your clan? let me know in the comments below give your clan a shoutout

  16. It was alway season reset so thats why it seems donations are low but we are very active in donations thanks for the congrats guys <3

  17. i 3


  19. First!

  20. 2nd! :)

  21. Long episode guys here are time stamps of the featured attacks. # if you make it to the end good luck lol!!
    Featured Attacks in order of TH8 – TH11:
    GOHO TH8 by X-Terminator: 5:24
    GOVAHO TH8 by Ben10: 7:41
    GOVAHO TH9 by Midnight Phantom: 9:44
    GOVAHO TH9 by Rammathorn: 11:50
    AQ WALK GOVAHO TH9 by Bryson: 14:07
    AQ Walk Mass Valkyrie Attack by J4mesy: 16:33
    Vaby Dragon Attack Strategy TH10 by Wicked: 19:12
    AQ Walk Vaby Dragon Attack Strategy TH10 by RedTail: 21:04