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Weapon Power Lance!! | Vainglory New Hero Lance Jungle Gameplay

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  1. the timing on your shield bashes are questionable

  2. I really recommend he serpent mask instead of the sorrowblade simply because as you hit 3 hero at the same time the life you get from your auto-attack is just crazy

  3. 15:13 I love how the Vox thought he could do the same as ben's combat roll with sonic zoom over the wall but didn't work. LOL

  4. I need my wall dashes back!!! Why semc why ???

  5. Please use your abilities more when farming. Remember lance doesn't use energy

  6. alt current + broken myth + tornado trigger vox op

  7. Vox is better CP now bc the update immediately improved his early game

  8. Anyone else lagging way more then they used to?

  9. Omg,could you imagine what a cp lance would be when wp is already this strong ?

  10. Try to use lance as lane

  11. Do cp lane lance

  12. Lamce with all shatter glasses is INVINCIBLE from the front…. Literally 100+% damage reduction XD

  13. should i buy vox, lance, ozo, ardan, adagio

  14. All breaking point Krul troll build pls!!!

  15. when is lance coming for glory on andriod, till now he is only for ice

  16. Yoooo. i thought i was alone with these lag probs. i literally had a 48k ms for a good 30 seconds. SEMC needs some milk

  17. anybody know a chat wile playing vainglory? Skype doesn't work because when I connect with my friend and go to vainglory it blacks out then turns on every second. and recommended chats?

  18. Did he cuss?

  19. awesome video bentimm1
    Guys check out my vainglory montage plz support with likes and subs

  20. Ben his A skill is like reims A in meaning you have to think where there gonna step

  21. Ben come on. You could have rolled infront of vox and knocked him back so many times but you only rolled once he was infront of you.

  22. When failing rolling into walls

  23. Lance lag on it own

  24. Copied Rumbly Much

  25. 12:02
    how did he go through the wall with the sonic zoom?

  26. Lance has the opposite of rona. Attack speed is less effective on him.

  27. 1:10 Where the heck was your b abillity dude?

  28. Make a video of rona or a troll build.

  29. under 1000 club :)

  30. 15:30 you actually slowed by invisble death from above lol

  31. Gg haha. I was the fort

  32. frist dislike

  33. This is the exact build i made a few hours into lance's release. I put it up on Vaingloryfire. Check it out.

  34. you have to learn the combo's quick, lol this is torture.

  35. how do you travel through walls as vox with his a ability like at 12:00? everytime i try to do it, i fail.

  36. Vox's b ability slows people down

  37. With cp Lance max A + ult or A + B or B + ult?
    Just asking xD

  38. Hello , I am Brazilian Alisson much like your videos will be q you could put videos subtitled in Portuguese ?

  39. Anyone have Lance tryna do casuals / ranked wanna team up ?

  40. Skye is op!!!!

  41. I know the lag is real, this updates are getting worst so mad

  42. what do u think of the vox 1.18. pls do a video of vox 1
    1.18 and tell us what u think. thanks

  43. Attack speed on Lance us honestly bad. Tension Bow and Sorrowblade ALONE are enougj for him to deal ridiculous amounts of damage especially on that A ability. After those two you can just go tanky and you're all set. He has the highest stats in health and damage, so those alone make him a great bruiser.

  44. Man use your B more lol. 9 minutes in and so many missed opportunities.

  45. When can I buy lance with glory?

  46. I currently main glaive, should i use him instead after the nerf?

  47. try a hybrid build

  48. First!

  49. second