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WEIRD BASE LAYOUT MAZE BASE? Clash of Clans | Notifications Ruin Raids

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  1. Woo oh the 7th element

  2. CQOFT:CAM have you ever got into police matters

  3. cam please help i dont have baby dragon at clash royale im at arena 1 and i have witch whats a good deck with witch please help me 🙁 i cri

  4. i wanna see th 9 replays

  5. Is it still cam sucks at attacking

  6. cam may I join your clan I'm a th8 with 419 war stars and I use dragon raids for war

  7. Cam!! I need a base for my new th9 plzz!!

  8. Does anyone use (My Bot) in here????

  9. frozen clan troops

  10. supercell didn't nerf valks n cam saying suoercell will nerf bowlers just like he said about royal giant! Supercell doesn't give a ?

  11. Can I join in Your Clan I am th 9 name is Jurgis

  12. Cam, after you deploy all of your healers, tap on the grey healer icon, so when you swipe at a notification, nothing is deployed. If you want a rage, simply click on rage, drop it, then re-click on healer icon.

  13. CQOTD: when are you gonna attack my base that th10(what ugh beast)? Unless you are scared which is fine

  14. You know what else is weirder than the base??? MY MOM     jk but why does cam upload so much clash now??

  15. Let this be a lesson to all – do not use kamcord

  16. Cam you're awesome you've inspired me on clash of clans

  17. Don't K of how old that bowler attack for th9 is, but Powerbang got my attention on those. You know the bowlers with hogs

  18. can you play that song every time you three star

  19. CQOTD: would you rather only use one type of social media eg. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.
    or be able to have more than one but use each one 30 times a day

  20. CQOTD: Hey cam, I have a question this may sound Wierd, but what city do you live in California? P.S. I live in California in Victorville so I was wondering lol

  21. bro which was that video on th start

  22. SONG: 7th element

  23. the intro doe …haha

  24. TH9 against TH11 attacks..Would love to see those

  25. Me and My friend listen to 7th element on our mathlessons

  26. cam why dont you try to play

  27. They dont need to nerf the bowlers people just need good bases it will take me like 2 years to get from th8 to 11 so they cannot nerf them until i tried once D:

  28. cam do u remember when u said "the key is to put the spell deep in the pussy"instead of base

  29. I have a deck for arena 3 with minions, both goblins, musketeer, giant, Prince, arrows and Mini PEKKA. Could u please do a video on that and tell me how the deck is? Please….

  30. cen you join my clan plzzzzzzzzzz it's RQEST AND GO PLZZ join

  31. what is the 3 stars song, i kinda like it

  32. I would like to see some town hall nine videos.

  33. CQOTD: how do you know if a feeder clan is real and what are their names?

  34. Do it

  35. I use that attack on max TH 9s to 3 star them and my only max troops for TH 9 are hogs, giants, and healers. Heroes are 10/7

  36. The lvl 9 motar shot looks like paper machet on fire

  37. Yeah I used that attack in war and I messed up bowlers and queen and still got the 3 star

  38. savage kamcord

  39. Bro are you sick ? You don't sound well bro