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What goes on INSIDE A Clash Of Clans TOWN HALL?

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  1. Ik this might sound weird, but I think I would be awesome if you did a dual commentary with a other of my favorite youtubers; Driftor.

  2. +ion i cant seem to find any of your clan im a new th 8 with upgrading to baracks 10

  3. Hahaha very funny!!! I really like the idea??


  5. Ion can you do a different game please your personality is great for lets play stuff. Especially for horror games and even more genres. Supercell hates you ,then why keep doing it? I could also would like a every once in a while clash royale video, not clash of clans, clash royale. But you could do me and a lot of other subs a favor by making a change to the type of content on your channel, but hey it's just my opinion

  6. Hi I'm Opel65 in Ion Kingdom

  7. I love ur vids man keep it up

  8. #SnipeTHs


  10. Panda panda panda

  11. awww I was expecting us to actually go inside a town hall and see everyone live their lives

  12. funny af great vid

  13. In the title why is INSIDE in all caps

  14. Haha I really enjoyed this video XD

  15. I liked the change and keep it up

  16. #thinkB4yousnipe2016

  17. I.O.N.C.L.A.S.H. You Should Watermark your vids in the top right corner of them

  18. Nice video ion

  19. Love the new intro

  20. What happened in Clash Royale?

  21. I can't get over the fact how ugly the low-level Air Defenses are… ;-;

  22. Lol, awesome theory! I just think it's where you keep all your trophies.

  23. DIGGA? WAS?!

  24. Road to 60k

  25. same music again and again

  26. clue less but awsome vids love your channel

  27. If you were a villager in clash of clans map/world thing where would you hide when you village got raided?

    I would hide behind the rocks near the ocean or behind the trees

  28. Hi ion would you mind telling your subscribers that all your ion clans have disappeared apart from ion masters X, ion kingdom X, ion gold X and ion legend X. Cause it's sad your never online on clash;(

  29. xD the end doe

  30. 100th like :)

  31. manny the minion destroys the redheads who weild battleaxes by flying in circles making the valkyries making them dizzy

  32. ion you idiot yousulav is destroying you clans one by one you foll do someething

  33. why u no take beacon from well?

  34. #(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)