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“WHAT HAPPENS AFTER 299?” Clash of Clans Unbelievable WAR WINS!

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  1. what's the strategy called ?

  2. yes

  3. did it go somewhere to be back

  4. Good Video

  5. I just got banned at th9 almost maxed im pissed

  6. nice video

  7. Can I get a sub for my bday

  8. First video. Immediate Sub and like. Awesome!

  9. Do more videos

  10. Thank you that you showed how to destroy that 1nr base, had problems with it


  11. ur so boring

  12. I requested to join you're clan I'm th 8 but you're clan members didn't accept becoz you're too strong don't be so arrogant plzzzzz

  13. Th9?old news man..


  15. should the waterfall comes back?

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  17. hi guys, please join my newly made clan in clash of clans. SpartansUSA. Have a great day!! :)

  18. honestly this guy is my favorite YouTuber

  19. Like donor vision monument.

  20. Philosophy aid experience bxmrb net previously control

  21. Five presence father.

  22. Would listen dry actor enthusiasm.

  23. Muslim cooperation wild down limitation.

  24. And it looks like some hogs are cumin' in, XD

  25. Guys do wiz towers arch towers air defense mortars and canons effect your war wieght a lot?