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What Is Clash Of Clans | GG Guide

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  1. Everyone saw this video before me and now I can't join cuz your clan is full. ?

  2. Haydz auctually the haydzcraft server made their own clan months ago, however since Jomacy was demoted it kind of went to ruins, btw it was named haydzcraft

  3. haydz do minecraft story mode plz

  4. Please please please make a series about the new base! Great vid

  5. Another video another like

  6. how does he play clash on his pc??

  7. your channel is going to shit.

  8. Nice Video, nice to see a Vid of you aggain 🙂
    Still like you and your videos as much as i did 2 years ago :3

  9. DO IT! JUST, DO IT!

  10. Great video ! please record more ! I really want to join your clan ! I am a maxed Town Hall 7 but i dont have barbarian king sorry 🙁 I am very active and my name is AxerTM ! Keep it up

  11. I see you're unexperienced but I'm not hating on you Haydz, I'd love to see a series on this and look how you grow :)

  12. GG guide on League of Legends?

  13. the wait times are so opponent, for me to get lvl 3-drag 10 day wait :/

  14. For those who are commenting base is rushed, You have no idea what your talking about. I was a fully maxed TH5 base, went to a 80% maxed TH6 base, then just recently went to TH7 to start collecting dark elixir. My base also hardly ever gets 2 stared, and my war attacks are great. So there is no downside to playing the way I do, just benefits. So cry more scrubs ;)

  15. Nice base Haydz. Played Clash back a year and a bit ago, will join your clan.

  16. Stick to minecraft.. Too rushed dude

  17. Get back on minecraft your servers dieing

  18. Can I join ur clan? But it's full!!!


  19. Awsome video m8

  20. Can u play league of legends?

  21. i'm so glad your doing clash of clans i was going to recwest it two but now i dont have to :p

  22. Rushed base

  23. Yo Haydz its Colin!

  24. Yo Haydz its Colin!

  25. Haydz ur back it's about time ??? from choi

  26. I'm a th9 with 20/20 heroes and 50 level 10 walls :)

  27. If u need a clan my clan is Elite Force lookin for good ppl to join the fam

  28. For all of you getting mad at haydz, the game was made to play freely, he chose to play it his way

  29. Your channel has really gone downhill, since you took that trip to Europe,

  30. Haydz stick to minecraft -.- rushy

  31. Nice Vid can i join you clan i am friends with thermy and have the game please respond with your clan name <3

  32. Nice video,going to apply to your clan right now.

  33. i hate how hes played WAYYYYYYY less than be and he is already much better than me at the game

  34. Haydz you fucking suck you are so rushed you should have kept that new account

  35. Just sent clan request name is Ginga_Ninga and Base ideas and attacking strategy videos would be great!!!

  36. series plz

  37. Idk haydz what is clash of clans?

  38. can u do a series plz

  39. omg haydz u so rushed

  40. how did you get it on pc