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WHAT IS THIS? – Clash of Clans – Weird Maxed Base 3 Star!

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  1. lmao your speech in the past few vids you have posted mystec7 is funny to me. Lmao. very terrible speech and yet makes me chuckle every time i hear u say things COMPLETELY off from wat u where trying to say. or even wen u try to say something and u get ur tounge tied and mixed up ur sentance lmao haha

  2. Scheiße xD

  3. CQOTD=have you got a epic from and silver chest but i got a princess from a free chest btw
    love your vids keep it up

  4. How do you get the barb king really quick

  5. Wite's clash of clans videos is what keeps me from still playing coc lol.

  6. I have not raided so long In clash I have nothing in my attack log

  7. Lol

  8. bro his intro is awesome

  9. CQOTD how can people join your clan

  10. Hey wite please do different kinds of raids like the old drag and hound one!LOVE UR VIDS MAN!

  11. whats the music in d end?

  12. Plz do some cod videos

  13. Hey dude u don't suck at attacking with talks it that your calls warmer maxed

  14. MYSTLC7 I was thinking if you could use 12 earthquake on the Townhall and destroy it without any problem… will be waiting for it. It surely will destroy many poor careers..

  15. Can you do a townhall 7 base layout for a trophy base please? It's maxed :)

  16. cqotd: what would you be doing now if you were not doing youtube

  17. Where did you're subs go?

  18. CQOTD:What's your favorite sports team/teams?

  19. QCOTD: would you like supercell add in friendly battles in clash of clans?? PS: just like clash royale the trophies are not affected

  20. One of the best part of your videos is the intro who agree?

  21. You should make a video of you playing

  22. GO TO THE TOP 6100+ IF YOU CAN…….?

  23. 1 mil hype ?️??️

  24. you have to use heals on valks.

  25. Join my new clan C.W.A Please!!

  26. Will u go back to the og intro ever?

  27. Mystic7 can u please give me gems

  28. Hi

  29. How do you record clash videos on your iPad?

  30. CQOTD:Do you play boom beach is no play it. If yes than make a video pf boom beach.:-)

  31. CQOTD:Do you play boom beach is no play it. If yes than make a video pf boom beach.:-)

  32. Upgrad the worden plz

  33. CQOTD: What would you think about adding a real dragon on Clash Royale along with the baby dragon?


  35. CQOTD: this is not really a question but "scheisse" means sh!t in English haha ur plan did not really work :)

  36. cause your a ducking gemmer

  37. CQOTD: How's the BO3 kd

  38. CQOTD: Do you think in a future update for Clash, if your heroes reach a certain level, they can use their special ability on defence? ex. select a percent in health and it will automatically activate the ability when it reaches that percent

  39. I'd love if you start minecraft.