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What is WRONG with the Eagle Artillery? – Clash of Clans

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  1. #PigeonArtillery

  2. Dead zone

  3. The queen was first in range of the artillery but then, als she got targetted, she walked in, so that she was out of range of the eagle artillery

  4. sa

  5. The Queen möge closer while she was targhitting from tge eagle

  6. when are u going to stream again

  7. It's because the queen was out of range. She moved closer and so it was useless. It happened to me too but with dragons.

  8. why do you correct others when you yourself make errors as well.Thats just so hypocritical.

  9. Brandon that happened because the queen was half in the vulnerable zone of the eagle artillery and half in the zone where the eagle artillery could fire at her… So only 1/4th of the part of bombs from the eagle artillery hit the queen and therefore she didn't suffer much damage. Don't worry its not any glitch.. Cheers… Love your videos. Keep it up??

  10. debunk: queen was closes as it can shoot but about half a tile away since the splash damage for the eagle (shockwave) isnt much it didnt show damage done

  11. It's cuz u walked into the eagle artillery dead zone Brandon that's why it didn't do no damage

  12. Because the queen walked into the radius of which the EA can't attack when it was licking on to her it locked onto the closest point to her it did do damage to her but not very much as the EA hardly does any splash damage. I just wanted to clear that up.

  13. not a bug. it missed the queen because the queen when within the minimum range so it missed by a inch. again not a bug just a lucky / smart queen that went inside the minimum range

  14. Brandon, thats becuz ur archer queen was out of the range where the eagle artillery can not fire. However, at the time the eagle artillery was firing those 3 shots, ur archer queen just slightly went forward and got into the range. Thus, the artillery had to fire the place where archer queen was before. Its definitely not a bug if you know the hitbox of fireballs was insanely tiny.

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  19. Please give me a shoutout Brandon your my favourite YouTuber and it would make my life if you could! Nice video!!!!


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