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WHAT WILL HAPPEN?! New Clash of Clans Update Witches SWARM!

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  1. CQOTD: What Clash Royale Strategies do you think can make a difference in clash of clans? (For example..Giant-Witch)

  2. Skellys don't lure traps

  3. Need a clan th8 silver1(farming up loot since it god like in silver one) level 100(almost101) almost maxed

  4. Wite use a real base cause level one defenses are pointless your just waisting your time

  5. MYSTIC7 Plays CQOTD Do you think there should be a new wall level and a new dark elixer troop

  6. Why the heck you said hp 6:24

  7. Do less CoD and more CoC

  8. Wite I love ur maze base videos, but since the maze is lvl 1, can u try doing the attacks without heroes, bc maxed troops and heroes are really over powered against lvl 1 defenses

  9. Question: will ever start a series where you can go to subscribers clan in Clash royale or clash of clans?

  10. He didnt hit the kings ability in the first attack

  11. Next video can you say hey guys it's wite lightning whd

  12. CQOTD:can u start making videos with ur maze base account

  13. will you take back daddy's darlings plz man


  15. got the CQOTD!! Mystic I'm in your coc clan btw (cinematic) my name is Oculus.

  16. gain suck together.

  17. CQOTD ~ Will you make a new intro and outro for your 2nd channel??

  18. skeletons don't trigger traps

  19. cut this developing communication athlete fact

  20. CQOTD: What is your favorite game Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go, Clash Royale, or games like COD?

  21. Why does your game seem oversaturated?

  22. Past eliminate homeless chair.

  23. CQOTD: why do you have two channels now

  24. What was the outro song I need to know!

  25. Do the witch god army against the maze base again but don't use any heroes

  26. 1000th like

  27. wtf is the sing at the end!

  28. CQOTD: If you could add one level to any spell what would it be and WHY?

  29. CQOTD: Why do you think they made the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen dark elixir based but made the Grand Warden regular elixir based? btw love your videos

  30. cqotd: what is your opinion on lavaloonian being in the top player's stratagy and how long do you think it will last

  31. his clan is called cinematic lol

  32. Stop doing ur fucking maze base , is obvious u gonna 3 star it

  33. doesnt know skeletons dont trigger traps …

  34. mystic you forgot that supercell changed skeletons so they don't trigger traps

  35. if you had the ability to make ur own hero wat would it be?