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  1. ?

  2. Package 1• New troop
    Package 2• New spell
    Package 3• New game mode

  3. defence

  4. new troop

  5. pockage1: new quests
    package2: new th look

  6. Package 1- Santa Spell!!!!!!!!!!

  7. a new troop

  8. #earlychristmaspresent

  9. New troop 1.

  10. One might be town hall upgrade

  11. Join my clan #G899UQ20

  12. new troop and I'm a Android

  13. damn i like the troops new look?

  14. Package 1: new building (no upgrading building a new one)
    Package 2: new troop
    Package 4 : event map etc….
    Google play (ireland ) thanks ?

  15. 1.Barbarian King levels 41-45

    2.Wizard Tower Level 10 (Level 9 will become available at Town Hall 10)

    3.Clan Castle level 7

    Others: Archer Queen levels 41-45 Golem level 6 Hog Rider level 7
    Poison Spell level 5 Wall level 12 (TH11: max 50 pieces)

    All that was for TH 11

  16. New walls more hero levels

  17. 1.A new hero

  18. are the troops going to look like forever?

  19. 1 a new troop

  20. I think package 1 will be a new troop from the contest

  21. Box 1 new troop and troop layouts
    Box 2 new Christmas events
    Box 3 new spells

  22. miner is exactly the same

  23. pacage 1 will be defense upgrade

  24. New Balance Check New Troops or New upgrades or a new way for lower lvl TH to get higher

  25. pack 1 – new th11
    building android

  26. Package one will have a new dueling update thing, that lets you duel players and friends. I want itunes

  27. Package one is new level walls
    Package two is new spells
    Three is new troop levels

  28. package 1 new troops

    package 2 new spell

    package 3 new defense

  29. one gem boost android

  30. Number one new building

  31. 1.3 New Troops2.New Single Player Mode3.New Balanced Changes

  32. recorces

  33. i heard something about 'water battles mode' don't know if its true. lol

  34. new troop

  35. Package 1)Special event
    Package 2)Army camp troops can defend base
    Package 3)Fan created troop

  36. Tony I think it is the new P.E.W. Google please

  37. package 1 would be upgrade for heroes or a new town hall

  38. pack 1 new golem pack 2 wiz tower pack 3 new charecter

  39. I think it is a new troop

  40. Package1: new dark troop