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What’s the Deal with Engineered Bases?! [QUICK TAKE]

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  1. the whole video is a error wasted 4 mins!!!

  2. Great video I enjoyed! The images at the end ? ?

  3. I enjoyed the editing in this video xD

  4. "Irregardless"

  5. this isn't an advantage if you think about it cause if your bases defense sucks then they can three star you easily to.

  6. hey guys I have question. I'm in arena 7 and I wanted to buy mountain of gem. how much super magical chest can I buy with 100 dollar? please if have time.

  7. Engineering isn't really that bad as you said about rules in war anything goes but cheating they may have higher troops but it is the skill in the user which makes it effective well thats just my opinion

  8. Omg! I love it! Que the rambling! With the perfect overlay

  9. I've contacted supercell regarding this and they just said that it's the choice of the player to do it and there's nothing they can do bout it. sadlyf

  10. please no more pop ups on vids lol smh

  11. Ash is my favourite Youtuber for coc and clash royale.

  12. ash…please do a new golaloon video .. I'm stuck after update

  13. ash add me to your clan. .. just sent a join request.. base name Akh!l Na!r .. th10

  14. Lol "irregardless" smh come on Ash

  15. hi ash.are you not in fb?i have no twiter can i contact with you?i am great fan of yours and i have some ques about my war attacks…i am tring to contact with you since about 1 monts.but i cant.

  16. I like the editing ash. It was entertaining and a nice break from your usual, still very good, style.

  17. Maybe its fun to them. Personally, I couldn't care less how someone plays and upgrades their base as long as they aren't cheating. If they want to gem a max TH11 with no defense and all max troops with little defense to speak of, that's their choice. It's not up to me or anyone else to tell them how to play or whats fun to them so let them be.

  18. Check savage mini max !

  19. Not sure how the update has affected this, but I found that I could build structures in my village as upgrading the TH and just not touch my war base. By max offense TH8 (and mid-level defenses), I was still sporting a TH5 war base. No special upgrade priorities needed, no ignoring defenses, just didn't update my war base. Exploiting the system? Definitely. The novelty wore off, as it was a mini acct anyway, and I clicked a new base during a war, turning our bottom guy into a max TH8.
    What I wonder is, with the new update showing village layout instead of war, is that the new criteria for matchmaking, negating the punk tactic I was using?

  20. I like the "quick take" vid. I don't always have time to watch all my favorite you tubers, and this format lets me get some quick viewing done when I just have a few extra minutes of spare time.

  21. Hey ash do u think u could do a th10 farm base for the new update

  22. sworn u interviewed a developer and he side offense was even with why is it like this?

  23. nice video. Interesting

  24. Hey ash – first, I like your videos a lot, thanks for doing this.
    Second, what do you think supercell are doing about MOD, my clan are loosing wars to clans that clearly are using mod on fake accounts.

  25. Irregardless is not a real word and at best, can be considered a "nonstandard word". Irregardless literally means "without without regard". Just saying, all in fun.

  26. The shortest video from ash since he started you tubing lol

  27. biggest unfair advantage with engineered bases is that long time players cant "undo" their defences, to match engineered bases. Doubt it will last long, SC will eventually start using offence in war weight and then there will be less/no advantage for engineered bases.

  28. if they do a fair fight they may lose they just engineer their base so they can steamroll better bases and according to math good clan should do this for about half and they can attack all bases with overpowered attack and non engineered bases just need to attack weaker bases and should steamroll these bases even more and only way for opponent clan to catch up is to take a fair fight which is harder than a cheesy fight another thing is that you don't lose resources in war base so attacking is more important with good resources they can get defenses faster and lower players or clan baby may upgrade their attack first then it will help them to do better in war and they will go faster and their trophies levels aren't what to care now for them as it only affect few % of warring clan power to calculate matches also some clans have best players that have outmatched offense and defense that would be helpful if some player engineer their base to attack these guys so result is engineered base is just one of the base building strategy

  29. actually i got a second account who is a engineered base, the point is to help in war. Because even if its getting 3 star all the time i can 3stars 2 higher village in clan war and its help a lot (in 15vs15)

  30. @3:05 Hey Ash, is that your actors head shot? Lol

  31. because I used to get matched up with max th11s

  32. I thought one of the updates was for that when I asked supercell they said the war match ups were based on total offense and defense

  33. Ashlain can u please add a CC(Text) in english, cuz u r like a rapper mann… too fast for me, i dont get it lol, and because english is not my main language… so i need to read it to understand it.. (lol im noobz) pleasee ashlain… 

  34. Ash can you show some TH8 troops comps?

  35. Lol wooow, wtf is up with people being so rude on ur channel? Omg, people need to chill out! Great video, I have a lvl5 engineered base, just doing it for fun since I have a "Normal" th9. Kinda always wanted to try it out since I got beat by one lol .

  36. Nice bro..i have a question to u …how u make this intro. ?? plz plz plz answer me ….i am looking forward to hearing from u.

  37. 135 th8 with lvl 5 hog?

  38. R.I.P Muhammad ali

  39. pop ups were extremely annoying

  40. For those dissing on Ash here, he took his own personal time to sit down by a computer/laptop and edit the video as such to, idk, maybe try and make up for the short video? Who knows, not y'all. So keep quiet or simply leave? Thanks. Great vids Ash! Huge fan and fellow member of EN ??

  41. That "9.5" is actually a 10.5 you showed

  42. ash that's a th8 with level 5 hogs????

  43. i have an engineered Base, too. a lv 1 canon and three teslas for a th8 with lv 3 dragons etc

  44. Good points Ash, and good information. But what is it with all those pointless pictures? That was annoying to me.

  45. Wars need rebalancing

  46. !00% Completely agree. That is exactly how I feel about those types of bases/players. They want elite level war troops just to go up against new/rookie bases in war. They give up easy 3 stars to opponents just to gain a slight advantage, hoping that the match-up allows the engineer to 3 star the top bases of the opponent. An analogy is a 6'6" person playing a 5'9" in a game of basketball. The disadvantaged player will have to possess a disproportionate amount of skill to overcome the opponent. Will never understand how this type of competition would be fun.

  47. players who cant 3 stars are the ones complaining… you engineered base can be 3 starred by opponents below his war slot…

  48. How did the TH8 Have Maxed Hogs?