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Where The F*&% You Been At Landon?!?!

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  1. Come on back brotha <3

  2. Glad to know you're back, I'm sorry to hear about your brother. If you don't mind telling, can we know what happened to him? I know that is a pretty intimate question but we really do care. Thanks and have a great day!

  3. Sorry Landon, you actually got me through a severe sickness two years ago. You made got me through it and happy to hear you are back.

  4. Dude it's really hard not to cry right now…. ?

  5. Nice to see you back! God bless your brother!

  6. Yay! Welcome back Landon!

  7. He pulled a huahwi

  8. I just realized his intro is Voldemort saying the avadakadavra spell to kill harry potter

  9. Who the hell unliked?! This is sad! I'll support you all the way Landon :D

  10. Landon things have changed in the community. Clash is not the same the game sucks a lot of people are leaving the community and I have because I found the game no longer fun. And if I was you I would start looking in new games. Just saying landon

  11. War series. Live attacks?

  12. Landon don't feel bad for not doing vids. When I lost people close to me I didn't slow down. I sit here now realizing how much I lost and how many f***s I didn't give. I'm slowly dipping into the insanity now. Don't follow my path. Welcome back to the community.

  13. Glad to have you back! Can't wait for more videos!

  14. Him trying to smile through this is the hardest

  15. Sorry to hear about your brother, Landon

  16. We want you back man, and i hope you're doing fine!


  18. Play clash Royale

  19. My condolences man. Truly fucked up. Of course we will take you back god damn!!!!!!! Stuff happens in life for a reason, who knows man just truly sad. Brought a tear to my eye, couldnt imagine losing my only brother.

  20. Landon you do not owe anyone an apology. Going through a loss isn't easy to deal with.. You become someone different for a while. It's a difficult thing to handle and the pain doesn't go away. Down the road you will be able to talk about it and be more open to talking I'm sure. My prayers are with you and your family.

  21. Sorry for your loss. I dont know what else to say.

  22. Sorry for your loss man.. Tbh I thought u disappeared but when I saw the intro I just jumped and felt happy I know it's not the best thing to say
    but I'm glad your feeling better and ofc we want you back THUMPS UP

  23. Dude sorry man hope you can go threw it man hope you feel better

  24. YESSSSSSS!!!!

  25. Hey hope u get better cheer up think of unicorn barfing out chickens and pie!

  26. Welcome back!!!

  27. Landen I have tried and tried to join your clan but no one will accept me

  28. That is so sad! We are all here for you Land!!!! :)

  29. no need to be sorry happy to have you back you have my support

  30. No need to say sorry, we all understand. Sorry for your loss and welcome back you deserved a break for your hard work

  31. HOLY SHIT YOUR BACK!!!! And alive

  32. no worries Landon still here never going anywhere. my condolences and sorry for your loss. I've lost many in my immediate family of the last couple years hardest thing in the life for someone to have to deal with

  33. damn cant imagine losing anyone in my family, sorry to hear.

  34. How did your Brother die?

    And play Clash Royale too

  35. Praying for you brother??
    That OG intro never gets old.

  36. Why be sorry? Honestly? Who cares if we can't watch an extra bit of Clash of Clans in our weekly routine? I sure as hell don't care. And other shouldn't either as YouTuber's can't put YouTube over their Families. I would take time off work/school if a family member died.

  37. Can you do some updated Clash of Clan attack and defence strategies for the different Town Hall levels, since the last time you did one of those was a while ago?

  38. Welcome Back ! My deepest Sympathies to you Land. Hang on and Be Happy.??

  39. I'm sorry about your brother Landon. You were and still are my favorite COC YOUTUBER.

  40. I'm sorry about your brother Landon. You were and still are my favorite COC YOUTUBER.

  41. wtf! imissedyou! lol? welcome back!????

  42. Honestly completely forgot that intro even existed… Haha welcome back landon

  43. My favorite YouTuber is back YES!!!

  44. we want to see you playing again (: i just started playing again and now youre back too. Sorry for what had happened hopefully youll get back into your oldself Landon.

  45. Good to have you back sorry for your loss buddy