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WHF Rising 100th Clan War Victory!!!!! vs Baby Awmino! Clan War Recap

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  1. Congrats to WHF Rising on their 100th and against Baby awmino which is no doubt tough opponent to beat. But more Congrats to Apolloyon who was major contributor of WHF Rising from the very first day. I have been following this channel and I must say I learnt a lot from the different content of CoC that Apolloyon uploads every time. it improved my game and always rekindle my interest in game. Good luck and keep it going!

  2. Hey awesome video. And congrats on win 100! One suggestion I have is to set up your channel page to make it more enticing and inviting. Anyways keep up the content

  3. Congratulations on #100!!

  4. Good game!!! I wasn't in the war myself but it was still very very fun! GL in the future.

  5. Thanks for the feature lol (this is CeeeeeJ)

  6. first congrats!!!!

    my clan, Funbag Junction, hits level 10 today with its 211th win.

    FUNBAG JUNCTION! Looking for high th8s and 9s as we transition from fodder, to wars like one hive with all 8s 9s and 10s. hit me up here or on clash as pdderek