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WHF vs Legends Fall | Sweet Random War! (Recap #140)

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  1. nice video as always ty keep the good work

  2. cola warrior joined whf?

  3. Thanks for sharing the Albert attack without his BK.  I may work up the courage to try that one of these days.

  4. PB Actually on 5:00 minute that's an internet base from I Jack sparrow coc channel

  5. Just found this channel . AMAZING

  6. Pb keep uploading th9 attacks, I'm getting better by watching them! Hope you reply:)

  7. Let me make a joke Xbox and ps4 are hurt here it comes Wii U Wii U Wii U

  8. I wonder why u left silver warrior

  9. Awesome war and awesome attacks PB! Guys check out WWFC-War Recaps as well! Clash on!

  10. Nice

  11. sir i need some war attack of players with low level heroes and troops tooo !!!!

  12. Nice war pb.. Not quite an 100% destruction war though ?(if you're interested in 100% destruction wars check my channel lol) jokes obvs our wars are easier but still… Check it lol xxx

  13. I have the same shirt as you lol

  14. Hey pb! Can you do some th9 base building videos?

  15. Why don't you ever show your own attacks PB?

  16. PB, your audio on this video is a little loud/muffled just some feedback good video though.

  17. pb do you play world of warcraft?

  18. yo

  19. Show some of the opponents raids

  20. Oh Soo Closely Fight .. Lets Celebrate the Win of WHF Againts Legends Fall 😀 ????

  21. what does WHF stand for

  22. why youre not showing those 3 stars attack on th10 ? its the most interesting part

  23. Hey pb 🙂
    How many of your arranged matchups do fail?
    Because lately ours do fail more often then not if we dont use lvl 5's to make it Happen. weight differences are 0 as well… Is there like any specific Time that gives you a higher possibility to match correctly or other tips?
    As always Nice recap vs a good Clan ! Cant believe its #140

  24. early!

  25. yo power bang