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Why the Clash community is AMAZING [plus some SWEET attacks!] Chicago Live recap!

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  1. That FUCKIGN cheque doe

  2. Wow, old PB is a big man! Jake looks like a kid next to him. lol

  3. Hey ash slow down… You're speaking too fast

  4. Well done Ash Lain and the others in the clash and broader gaming community. Your generosity and awareness I'm certain will not go unnoticed.

  5. looks like this was a truly wonderful and amazing experience, so jealous I couldn't be there.

  6. Interesting I never knew that Ash, Jake, Koopa and Anoushka are dwarfs.

    Best Regards
    A 6ft4"/270lbs guy (or 194cm/125kg for the rest of the world)

  7. We need more people that are caring like you Ash! Thank you

  8. Ash..what r the chances of doing a fundraiser for St. Judes in California? They deal with children w/cancer from all over the States..just a thought from a fan of u, Jake etc etc??? appreciate all u clashes did for hospital in Chicago?

  9. PB and Jake <33333

  10. Ash I love you your different from everyone you actually care about everyone you don't do it for the money your really good at YouTube keep it up man I can see you in the feature

  11. Wawaweewa! @ 11:14 Motor boat!

  12. you are the biggest clasher ash!!!

  13. the 7 people who thumbs downed this video are piece of shit human beings. that's all!

  14. It was Great Meeting you Ash! and it was a truly Unforgettable event!



  15. Its Awesome and Great to know that a "game" can bring positive impact to community :)

  16. I'd love to go to something like that. Meeting all you guys would be great, and learning some of those attacks would be great.
    Only problem is I could never get to America and I'd never get time off school for it lol.

  17. Sounds like an amazing experience, wish I could be there! How tall is powerbang exactly?

  18. hy ash, im andali.. your subscriber from indonesia, thanks a lot for your tutorial video..finally my TH11 can 3star a maxed TH11 in a war.. go check my replay ash.. thx,

  19. ماسونين حيوانات

  20. Haha pb is a giant didn't think he was that big

  21. Great video,man!

  22. u have a heart made of gold dude i wish i could join yous on ur trips good luck on your channel ash

  23. whats the outro song

  24. Tunrs out that Pbis kinda tall xD

  25. Last time I came this early. Chief Pat had 100,000 subs.

  26. Ash! Do one in Boston!

  27. Megan Mo Money the blonde at 11:14, damn the girl clashes and looks like that!

  28. ??

  29. How tall is powerbang?

    I hope there'll be one in toronto too!

  30. Ash I would like to make a big business deal with SC. Could you private message me and help me get in contact with that woman you spoke of who represents SC? Not sure how to spell her name. Thank you.

  31. Powerbang looks like  Giant

  32. Ash, Powerbang….. every single one of u guys is just awesome….cheers mate

  33. Ash !! This is one amazing amazing video !!! Thanks for all the hard work you have done for clash community !!

  34. Ash i need ure help. I am arena 4 n level 7. i am struggling to arena 5. Pls give me ure strategy n ure deck in ure video:)

  35. Powerbang is freaken huge. Lol

  36. Thanks for the nice words! This was such a fun, and rewarding trip – definitely glad I made it! Here's to more shenanigans in the near future!

  37. Great work ash keep going

  38. Wouldn't it be crazy if alot of the YouTube gaming channels teamed together to do a fundraiser. They'd raise at least 1million dollars I think! ?

  39. Love being part of Clash & Royale community as a Youtuber as well!

  40. I can listening,he is say thank you for indonesian at minute 05.49….and I say for you "you re welcome "

  41. Hope will be in Houston guys the next one .. Very nice video Ash .. Hope to meet y'all soon

  42. Such a great event supported by such an outstanding group of people.

    Great video Ash! Looking forward to more Live! events and hoping I have the opportunity to meet the EN family at one of them!

  43. awesome work by u guys!! ash we need a video on th10 bases like anti valk iam getting ripped of in titan 3

  44. powerbang could easily do a coc giant cosplay, just tint his beard, cut all his hair and there you go XD