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Why the Healer and Queen Walk Must NOT Be Nerfed! Clash of Clans – Leaked Update Healer Nerf

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  1. Queen walk in a very unique strategy that should NOT be nerfed! She still dies fairly quick even with the healers and anything less would be useless! It's a strategy you have to know how to have the upper hand on for a proper 3 star. #SaveTheQueenWalk

  2. #savethequeenwalk

  3. Supercell what are you thinking about, remove queen walk!?!? Are they trying to kill this game on purpose?! More people will just quit.

  4. The queen walk should get nerfed. It takes no skill

  5. #SaveQueenWalk Don't let supercell take what we clashers have made.

  6. ok but I did donate cards that I had. I was always active. how it my fault for the time difference between us. Me =England You= USA/Canada. I'm not happy with this. You're lucky I think you are best YouTuber or I would unsub. anyway best of luck with the channel.

  7. WTF ash why did you kick me out of altar of royale. not happy

  8. #SaveTheQueenWalk. Ash is right, Supercell don't take this ability that we as a community created!!

  9. #SaveTheQueenWalk

  10. #SaveTheQueenWalk pleas keep the Queen walk I love it and I TH8 I want to use it when I be a TH10 and TH11 Plyer we all want the Queen walk to still ?

  11. if you have a level 30 queen then no th9 base can defend against that.

  12. Oh no, a modder not using his sandbox what a bummer.

  13. #SaveTheQueenWalk

  14. I'm a fully max th9 if supercell do that I leave this game… really

  15. #SaveTheQueenWalk

  16. I upgraded Queen to be able to use this super nice strategy…

  17. #itsoverpoweredandneedstobenerfed

  18. It seems like Supercell is destroying every farming or attack strategy developped by the players. The TH snipe was one example. If they stopped the AQ Walk, for me it would be reason enough to quit playing this game. My impression is that they just do not want us to farm too much dark elixir. Instead we shall buy more gems.

  19. Nooo supercell I will never forgive you if you take away this. As a th9 is one of the most important times and town halls where you need loot this strat is so good for people who can use it for e.g de farming is a breeze with a super queen but again if you know how to use it so supercell pls don't take This away from us?

  20. #JeSuisQueenWalk #SaveTheQueenWalk

  21. The way the queen walk is now is perfect don't change it !! It's a great strategy and the key word is strategy can't just send in queen with healers n crush people makes no sense to take it away! They said they wanted more strategy and multiple kill squad strats n they got that n still not good enough?! Maybe spend time in fixing cheating and improving the game not taking the best thing away from player.

  22. #SaveTheQueenWalk

  23. Healers will become obsolete for higher level town halls. Why should players who spent a lot and I mean A LOT of time, upgrading their AQ be punished for playing the game well. The super queen also helps out in wars especially if th10s need to go against th11s with the eagle artillery. It also takes skill to pull of a AQ walk. As for lower th's being destroyed by AQ walks, shouldn't all lower th's be destroyed by higher level th's? It's just how it works. I've never used the AQ walk before but it's one of the major reasons why my AQ has been upgrading for more than 21 day's straight and that's just from lv10 to lv14

  24. Hey ash! This doesn't have anything to do with queenwalk but recently I've been having issues with finding loot. Before the Dec 2015 update I was finding loot from dead bases all the time. Now, there is hardly any dead bases. I'm currently in gold 2 as a very early TH9. What league should I be in?


  25. Loving the content Ash! Keep it coming man! #SaveTheQueenWalk

  26. Hey, ash a clan mate of mine contacted supercell and there is no nerf to healers

  27. High risk, high reward strategy is spot on! The amount of times I've gone to plop my rage down and it's one second late…leaving me staring at the screen with some purple flashing healers doing shit all, is far too many. Definitely takes experience and some good scouting, and if done correctly, as with any attack, it is very effective. Not sure why they are targeting the AQ walk specifically when any main attack can overwhelm a base if done right. I swear they hate the war community, or have absolutely no idea what they want.
    Wouldn't it be better to keep the healers as they are, which is already partly nerfed, but add the ability for healers to trigger air mines again, so people can place traps on the outside to stop it if they so desire?

  28. Why the hell why they would nerf we are making them money we should at least not make this crap happen we should make the most ideas we are the ones who made this game possible