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WITCH WALK + AQ WALK | GOBO | TH9 New 3 STARS War ATTACK Strategy | Clash Of Clans

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  1. Hey remember me I'm sorry I haven't been active I had to do other stuff hope you understand now I'll be active ?

  2. nice

  3. hey bro i want to join your clan i hv send a request to your clan please accept me #ransouvi

  4. oh!!! that's really nice bro

  5. awesome bro

  6. what's the name of the last song ?

  7. Is there some sort of requirement that everyone has to use the same song for Clash of Clans videos?

  8. souvik subscriberd as a birthday gift have a blast bro

  9. Can I join ur clan souvik
    I am max th 8 just reached th 9 but have less trophies 1500 only pls reduce if I can join
    BTW ur base is cool?

  10. musik 8.28 please

  11. Very interesting bro ?✌ .. please ..can you tell me the name of the soundtracks that you used??

  12. Wow! It's amaaaazing!! Thanks Ransouvi!

  13. buena combinación de tropas excelente lo haré en la próxima guerra gracias ransouvi saludos …✌

  14. Make an attack without bowlers. All your attacks are basically the same thing just different make ups with bowlers doing all the work.

  15. Nice attack… Where u from..??

  16. so amazing realy so good

  17. Like the innovative idea but it is not worth it. Those witches got like some outside buildings and ONE compartment for 76 housing space. They reached the second compartment when your main troops had already destroyed 80% of the base.

  18. like :)

  19. yuo gooood broo

  20. Souv cool war attacks man

  21. ransouvi.. i tried this myself a few days ago.. it works wonder if you can slip in 1/2 wiz with the witches … P.s. i wanna send you a video of my recent war attach which you can use as a strategy for one of your videos.. where can i send it?

  22. nice attacks

  23. great love these videos
    clasher govinda

  24. hey souvik.! are you indian..? if yes..plz add me on facebook..or whats app..or instagram…or snap chat..plz bro

  25. NYC I will try this in th8 with witch in cc so everyone here who have not sub to my channel sub Right now I will upload new strategy on Saturday or Sunday so stay tuned

  26. hahaha ladies walk??