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WITCHES ARE BACK?? | GOVABOWITCH | WITCH + BOWLER | New Th9 Strategy for WAR | Clash Of Clans

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  1. nice combo

  2. love love this video ?????

  3. Nice Attack Ransouvi

    As I told you I will come up with new ATTACK,

    special attack no one tries this but very easy 3* Attack.

    watch it link :

    and give me feedback, all feedback will be welcome

  4. I liked the attack on the Town Hall 10 ?????

  5. awsm..buddy!

  6. Song at 7:01? Thanks?

  7. how to get more dark easily for th9

  8. Witches are back bro

  9. Music ? ( First Song )

  10. Bhai would u give me your clan tag plz ? i would really love to join u guys … Please ….

  11. And also is a queen walk version of this attack possible at th9?

  12. What's the name of the first song from the replays

  13. Is it possible to make a th8 version of the govawitch?

  14. bhai amader clan. s. aisa akta war korben.??