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World Championship of Clash of Clans

Awesome war between two great groups of supporters. If you guys want to be a part of wars like this check the link below and become a patron! Hope you enjoy.


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  1. Loved Links lightnings on the Queen, ill need to remember that trick.

  2. Some people were ragging on PB's team decision to go for the TH10 instead of the TH9.5, but it actually made total sense because everyone expected Van Diesel to be able to improve the 52%. If he had improved that to 56%, then the TH9.5 wouldn't have been enough anymore.

    But then Van D forgot to gem his heroes lol, and the attacker on PB's side was probably already in scout mode getting ready to attack, and didn't get the memo within the 30 seconds that remained.

    The perils of attacking at the last second…

  3. Had to skip threw the HGHB attacks. No disrespect to your guys Jake but I find them so boring to watch, because of the little skill and planning required to 3 star with the strat.

  4. Clickkkkkkkkkbait

  5. What are the guidelines for getting into the patreon wars? still haven't been selected for one.

  6. 3 minute ad before getting to video? rofl #selloutslut #notcomingbackagain

  7. hahahah the warden at 3:36

  8. RedRein7 here, was in the live stream! This was a crazy one! Glad I could be there to enjoy the show.

  9. i don't understand how you can say that this war was for the title of world champions

  10. Power Hive vs. Wreckn' Crew?

  11. dallas shooting anyone?

  12. yeeee 5 attacks shown by chaos hammer family. osaki, chaos, link, aari, and jfk. well done repping the hammer. osaki with the th10 6 pack yeeee

  13. Wow…. Hats off to swifty! Incredible ability to recover

  14. lol "world championship"

  15. I missed the livestream and had to watch the recording of it and I'm glad I did because I never knew Jake had a sick tattoo.

  16. can i join ur clan?

  17. Everybody talking about a FPC Clash World Cup in this comment section. What is that???

  18. Jake's a WWE fan? How much do we have in common?

  19. Pretty amazing to get a 6 piece in an arranged war. Definitely the best war I've ever been in.

  20. Click bait title

  21. Hey Jake, I subscribed to you when you had under 20k subscribers and it's so nice to see that you keep up the quality videos. I love your breakdown of every attack and like how you don't change like so many other youtubers who want the views and money. So many people love your work. Keep doing what you are doing!

  22. Check out the Warden at 3:36 lol

  23. Am I the only on who thinks it's a bit obnoxious to call this the "World Championship"? I mean it's a lightweight patreon war, not the best of the best and it's obvious when you watch the attacks.

  24. sorry for the super long comment

  25. hey Jake
    I'm a huge fan of you.
    Been there since 10000 subscribers
    I've sent a request on bindle
    please accept me
    and I just did two awesome govalos and had a six star war .
    thanks to the elite eights
    it would be awesome if you accept me on bindle and my name is rohan rao

  26. Title is confusing since FPC Worldcup is on its way in August!

  27. That was so close. Nice war recap

  28. Stop confusing me jake! I kept thinking you were on about the clash World Cup!:(

  29. 7

  30. 12th!!!!