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WORLDS FIRST LEVEL 10 CLAN?! | Clash of Clans | Max Level Clan Visit + TH 9 Farming Base

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  1. CQOTD: What if you could donate your heroes to your your clan mates for a short period?

  2. I'll send u guys the link

  3. CQODT: What if your clan was level 10?

  4. Lone not line

  5. Why do some youtubers put a man that says my dad gave me a small line of a million dollars for the grand warden

  6. Plz make vlog videos

  7. CQOTD – How often do you visit other family and friends that are in other places?

  8. Yes…start vlogging!!?

  9. cam u suck and its not the first one there is more

  10. can u make vids about im sure a bunch of us love it and it would be an awesome little series!!! GL in bnp

  11. hii cam how often do u 3 star?

  12. What happened to your old clan

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  14. Wait! since when does Cam make CQOTD?

  15. 2 you tubers in the lil'cam and general tony!

  16. CQOTD: Will you make a second channel playing other games? Like Ark : Survival Evolved, Fallout 4 etc…

  17. hey can u make a TH 7 that is hard to 3 stars

  18. CQOTD Now that you upgraded your main account to th11, will you upgrade your other accounts as well so you may have a th10?

  19. what does he say in the intro

  20. do more gf raids