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WTF Dating Clan in Clash of Clans ♦ Reading Funny Clash of Clans Reddit Forum Comedy Responses

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  1. Lmaooooo worked for me and havoc ahhahaha although we met thro Twitter so I guess it doesn't count rip .. 😀 nice video aha

  2. theres too many of these clans. global chat is dead because of these people ? funny thread of comments though!

  3. When you know a girl likes you (Head nearly down staring at your EYES keeps raising and lowering eyebrows).

  4. People just kind of too desperate,what has this generation become into! What next dating robots? >.<

  5. I'm single and ready to mingle

  6. poo

  7. lol

  8. Hahahhahahhah must go troll them

  9. nice video

  10. Omg this is hilarious ???

  11. lol free dating clan haha

  12. 1st baby!