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  1. #clash_with_ash ok if we deploy our army in the frndly battle will it be destroyed????or we will get backup???

  2. woooow keep going bro#^_^#

  3. now im ur fan coz u response to ur viewer with truth smile ,cash on with ash…..

  4. Hilarious guys. ?

  5. Ash plz make some videos on Gods of Olympus…

  6. you r always the best Ash! <3

  7. Can i be your gym buddy?

  8. you are awesome ash…keep doing good work…love from India❤?

  9. warning this video contains overreact

  10. You are a good man doing good things. Thank you and keep it up!

  11. I never could get mine to send on pc so hopefully u watched it ,it's in your dms on twitter. ty for all you do for the coc community tim.???

  12. What ashes clan and can I join it ?

  13. good stuff ash?

  14. Hey ash love your videos and watch them everyday !!

  15. go, go, go 1M!!!

  16. Hey ash, do you mind piping into en7 sometime, would be awesome to play against you in some fb's

  17. wow how am I supposed to compete with a little kid? so unfair lol

  18. hey ash do u know when the new update will relase
    clash of clans UPDATE?

  19. how much do you bench press?

  20. Great job man, always nice videos! Red Sox dead and Big Papi retired! :(

  21. keep up the amazing work buddy

  22. Ash the thing I love about u the most is how u make us feel special! Your reaction to hitting 500 is awesome because most you tubers do not appreciate there subscribers! Much love ash! -Elite Nation 8

  23. keep up the awesome content ash! you and powerbang rock my world after all the old boys switched to royale!

  24. 14 gays doesnt like the viedo :/

  25. "This video is not available"???

  26. It says the video is not available!!!!

  27. This channel has so much potential. Ash has helped me in many wars. Next thing you know he will probably be at half a million subs! Keep up the great work!

  28. Hey ash, just wanna say that……YOU ARE THE BEST¡!!!!!¡!!!!!¡!!!!¡!!!!!!¡!!!!¡

  29. Ash get a better camera!