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ZapQuake With Mass Dragons – Another Awesome 3 Star vs Th9

  1. College, girlfriend, youtube channel, website how can u even run this at the same time? when did u sleep man? LOL
    Just don't push yourself too much buddy!

  2. Привет Гади ) всё как всегда на высоте !) Гади если ты не забыл ? я говорил про обзор 300 победы нашего клана . Так как до окончания кв остались считанные часы, хотелось бы обсудить кое какие моменты без гласности в YouTube ) Могули я отправить своиго соклановца к тебе в клан ? он хорошо знает английский ) жду ответа )

  3. Great channel! Question: I have lv5 zaps, and recently failed to kill a lv7 ad with maxed quake. Does the order matter, i.e. first zaps then quake or vice versa?

  4. great

  5. Hey Gadi, i actually killed a Level 30 Queen with (3) lv 6 lightning and and 1 poison spell to finish her off. I dont know how but i only used three spells. If youd like to check out the replay come to clan "thehomies" #2R22VYLL. Go to war log and war 2 days ago vs some asian clan 39 stars vs 41 stars. Base number 3 attacked by olenasty69. Just put "Friend of Nasty" if you wanna check out the replay before its wiped from log. Thanks and great job on videos!

  6. why did he come from bottom right instead of bottom left, zapquaking the ad between the heroes? looks like an easy side to come in from with all funneled drags – no high hp standing in the way of the western ad either.

  7. Great attack, great uploader! It all seems so easy.

  8. Great job, Junior! Nice attack

  9. why did he bring 4 wb if he's not gonna use 1 to check small bomb? seems like a critical error.

  10. can level 5 lighting spells pull it off or level 6 are a must

  11. You're welcome. Look for me on twitch @peregrine3 I always watch your streams

  12. Comment because I like the content a lot

  13. hey gadi i requested to join CW and while i am waiting the replay i joined my old clan to donate troops and leave fast and i got rejected while i am in my own clan and now i am banned 🙁 i really want to join can you help me ?

  14. omg! This man is fucking good! Always bringing new strategy ☺☺☺

  15. Nice Vid!

  16. What do you go to school for?

  17. your tutorials are really useful (y)

  18. damn good!!thanks for another cool and helpful video.

  19. Hi, any reason I was rejected to CW BOOT CAMP? my clan tag is #9PCUGC8Q and my username is husarz. Im pretty maxed th9 on troops, except quake spell, heros lvl15. Is it because I had already two trail wars there and then I left(about two months ago)? I still had 11 stars. And today I tried to join and I was rejected. Is it because I upgrade my queen? thanks for answer

  20. first