☁️ ? ☁️ Legendary Clash of Clans: 30 minutes in the clouds ☁️ ? ☁️

Here’s what happens when playing Clash of Clans in the Legend League: I was just above 5000 trophies, the video was stopped after 30 minutes but the search could go on for hours without finding an opponent.

Why it takes so long to find an opponent?
Because each player is attackable for just 1-2 seconds every 16-20 hours!

How could this be true? The reason is that each time you get attacked you gain 12-16 hours of Shield time plus 4 hours of Guard time, for a total of 16-20 hours. It means that if you don’t spend 4 hours Shield time to begin an attack, you are left with the 4 hours of Guard Time for a trophy push session. At the end of the session you are forced to leave the village (Personal Break) and you get attacked after 1-2 seconds (not joking), afterwards you are immediately unavailable to be attacked for another 16-20 hours… providing that you don’t buy additional Shield time (which many high ranked players do indeed).
The result of this Shield+Guard system is the the best and more active players are those that get annoyed the most, the game becomes boring, and in the end they either start another account (like engeneered accounts — are quick to grow and grant a lot of fun in wars) or they quit playing.

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