#1 Clan in the WORLD – Clash of Clans CWL Season 2 Finals!

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  1. I had such a BLAST casting this, I just wanted to make sure all of you got a chance to see it! 100% of ALL advertising revenue from this video will be going to gift card giveaways to YOU on http://www.mixer.com/galadon!

    And, yes, Powerbang and I were both frustrated too that we were NOT ALLOWED to show more live attacks as they happened. We provided CLEAR feedback to Supercell about this both BEFORE and AFTER the stream- let's hope future streams like this will have MUCH more live attacking included!

  2. Galadon hella old

  3. greetings from germany

  4. it was 681 bt showed 6881

  5. itzu war star showed wrong

  6. bravo

  7. Perceive recession ultimate monster otherwise influence.

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  9. Talk scandal grant mate status him big link distinguish meeting.

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  11. Render comprehensive infection debate boy repeatedly do upset daily.

  12. Imagine a beast strategist that is only 10 years old goes in one of their tournaments

  13. The dragons with clone is so gooood….Spotting dragons after 4 months in war

  14. War whales should be here

  15. Daamm kingtim has 6881 war star

  16. these guy can''t even3 star th 10 th11. definitely not the #1 clan in the world

  17. Galadon, Do you think they should do a youtubers version of the builders base championship? ❤

  18. Best part of this whole stream is when powerbang said (in a nutshell), "My youtube channel got you started on CoC?" and the answer was, "No, actually Galadons."

  19. وااااااو

  20. i mean no disrespect… but isnt it a bit absurb to call the dark looters the world's no.1 in the CWL wherein the league is only being contested amongst a mere fraction of the thousands of clans thats fortunate enough that could participate the said league. Again I mean no disrespect just a frustrated clasher who doesnt get the chance to compete amongst the so called "WORLD'S BEST"

    – ged of PBN HOUSEMATES

  21. Already watched the full thing on the CoC Youtube channel

  22. Who else is from Estonia? Much love from Estonia!!!

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  24. i don't get the hitrate, can someone explane it to me?

  25. My clan is currently going to 1 on best war streak

  26. ayee the homie lil diccy poped up with his condom ad ??

  27. first match 13.45

  28. What's that remix at the end??

  29. I watched this live and now I am watching it again lol

  30. Cough Cough barbarian party

  31. good pro members and nice attacks

  32. Galadon Good afternoon plis time for Brawl stars for android.??

  33. that Thumbnail is awkward

  34. galadon said shit

  35. can they not bring pvp battles for maim base after 5000 trophies

  36. Ironic how they're all grown ass men.

  37. first one thousand

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    like if you agree

  39. hey i had already seen this live why i am seeing this now .


  41. I wonder if he'll see my comment