100 ATTACKS IN 10 MINUTES! Can We Win? Clash of Clans Epic Challenge – Amazing CoC Gameplay!!

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  1. Awesome vid I love your content. Every post is a great one on your channel

  2. Hey Judo — Noah here………….. Super Exciting, Awesome Stream

  3. woooooww that was crazy

  4. great content like usual keep up the great work, cheers ?

  5. nice video, and i subscribed

  6. Wow !!! This challenge is crazy….!! Nice video ….?

  7. Gg bro I was in the other clan GG


  8. Great teamwork dude

  9. Your clan is awesome dude

  10. damn nice

  11. cool!

  12. this style of rush attack make me fail a lot
    but fun to try 🙂

  13. That was cool! My clan has a running theme that some of us attack with about 10 members in the last 10 minutes. And use 2 attacks, we snipe wins all the time, but I've NEVER seen anything like this before! it was cool, wish my clan mates were up to it

  14. Wow this is amazing

  15. fuckin hell keep goin ur vidios r so coool

  16. Awesome? congrats??

  17. Great vid!

  18. Wow

  19. holy glory attack is crazy…realy love it..awesome

  20. Elite Nations Uber team, we smashed it ?
    Big up ya bad selves, nice one JS was so much fun, I'm melkor btw ,

  21. Crazy I wish I could make a clan like that lol

  22. epic thumbs up for the video ?

  23. oh wow

  24. Nice Likeke

  25. Man I thought coc server will break down??? so many attacks at once!!