100,000 Sub Silver Play Button

I want to thank each and every one of my subs for the support and thought you guys may enjoy sharing this experience with me. Check out my Patreon page and …


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  1. I thought you were mexician.

  2. Congratulations and thanks for showing your face, my wife has been wondering what you look like and now she finally knows.

  3. Well done jake much deserved!

  4. jake better hit 1 mil by the end of 2018 ?????

  5. cool


  7. Thanks for doing this, definitely feels like we're a part of it. Especially from someone like myself who's been watching since the beginning.

  8. Congratulations! Really just started watching your videos in the last month, but have already learned a ton. I've got some family in Arkansas, so I kind of feel like I'm among extended family.

  9. I gotta admit, that was pretty cool. Can I have one? xD

  10. is that a wooden desk chair jake?

  11. Congratz Jake. U Are awesome

  12. Congrats Jake! Keep it up my man!:)

  13. Omg! Jake, you lost so much weight!

  14. congratulations! keep up the good work!

  15. keep it coming

  16. The face reveal so smooth

  17. Why do I feel let down that we didn't get the, "excuse me while I pause for a sip of beer"?

  18. Ah yeah I was waiting for this 🙂 keep up the good work Jake ??

  19. I find it hilarious that 17 people have taken the time to dislike this, lol. Keep up the great work and great vids Jake.

  20. Did you lose a ton of weight?!

  21. Congrats Jake. I'm really happy for you. Pretty cool looking plaque.

  22. Congrats Jake!

  23. Cool

  24. Finallyyyyy!!

  25. first time I've seen what you actually look like Jake!, honestly was expecting a 40+ something beer belly xD congrats on the 100k subs much deserved

  26. Woah lost some weight have we?

  27. Congrats Jake, you deserve it

  28. Congrats Jake

  29. Sexy button 😀 here is to the next 100,000!

  30. Well deserved, congrats and keep up the good work !

  31. Thats awsome Congrats!

  32. Congrats, you deserve it.

  33. Hey Jake nice to finally see what you look like 🙂 Gotta agree with the other comments man; was not expecting you to look like that. You're a stud!

  34. ROFL. so fitting, can't pronounce CEOs name!!! Classic

  35. Jake, why are you not holding a beer in this video?

    Congrats, buddy!

  36. congrats Jake….your videos are far better then all the main stream clash youtubers. detailed attacks and explanation on why things went great or south….you should be the one who hosts the clash completions instead of galadon or molt…..specially molt he's just trash.

  37. congrats. keep up the good content and I'll keep watching

  38. Congratulations! I am one of those that subscribed. I think your CoC vids are very good. I like the analysis. You provide good information without all the extra noise that other vids have. Keep it up.

  39. I did not expect you to look like you do. Your voice is so deep, I just thought you would be bigger haha

  40. congratulate to you, jake. you deserve it!
    keep it up!