#16 Push to Legend, Lose Attack -38 – Clash of Clans

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  2. mgecihit

  3. Ohh u poor guy it will take months for a player like u to reach the top

  4. go you can do that instet of all that dump other youtuber with are just going to tiran 2 and saying im goning to legent no you dont you just go to titian 2

  5. where do you live?

  6. idk why its like its hard to spend money on steam and other games but clash of clans when i buy gems it does not hert me

  7. Hey Brandon, I love your videos, especially Brandon 3 because I like farming hahaha. I've noticed that a lot of your attacks when pushing come up short of the town hall, so maybe you could sacrifice the hound in the cc and bring a golem instead or something so it can tank for your king and queen when going back into the base.

  8. Nice video U got my thumps up! 🙂 I started to make videos in English couple weeks ago so if you could chek my videos and let me know what you think

  9. have you ever try to add a dragon?

  10. i like those long vids (Y)

  11. why the fuck do u freeze wiz towers thats almost down when theres an infernoe roasting ur loons???!!

  12. I really love that even with such excruciating losses that take days to make up, you stay calm and positive. Your videos are super motivational!

  13. Brandon I'm a big fan can u subscribe to me I'm starting a new channel this one

  14. hey dude what are you doing when you get to legend

  15. I like you as a YouTuber but if you want to give us tips you have to get better at the game, you freeze a air sweeper and a archer tower TWICE instead of the sweeper and the inferno and the archer tower, ground is risky? A simple go wipe is hard? If you can't go wipe then I don't know how you will reach legend league, if you are good with air and MOSTLY get 2 stars, 1 star on 1 cup offers are fine but you get 3 trophy 1 stars but you still

  16. Man, brandon. I don't know how you can be mentally ready for this. I mean you lost 38 trophies and then gained 0 in a defense. I'm watching this video and im and pain. So I can't even start to imagine what your going through. But still I know you will get to 5,000. Keep it up!!????

  17. did you know that witelightninghwd's real name is brandon?

  18. 100k Special lvl 400 Please

  19. Haanz is lvl 315 brandon Level 350 ?

  20. will you stay in legends for a while?