20 Level 3 Witches vs Open Base Th11 – Zoom In And Follow The Skeletons

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  1. This works great just used it in a war and 3 starred two th11

  2. Great job buddy! I can't believe your timing, I am facing this exact base in the current war! Thanks so much!

  3. Awesome stuff!

  4. great vid good job

  5. You attacked Turkish clan nooo Türk klanına niye saldırıyorsunuz bi de 20 level 3 cadı değil 3 level 20 cadı olacak

  6. insane attack !!

  7. Using blasterzone in my adroid phone working fine 🙂 ,For system/laptop only Google chrome supports it :)

  8. nice layout I really like it ✌

  9. cuz everyone 3 starring now bases like that in multiplayer:) yesterday i 3 starred legend league)))

  10. we need tactics for anti3 star th11 bases

  11. I'm happy that they contacted you to talk about their app =)

  12. The side banner obviously makes that base smaller in the replay. I prefer watching without it. But it's your channel.

  13. Hey. Nice video as always. I have a technical question. How do you add this right banner to your videos the one with your logo and some additional information?

  14. one More great vid gadi, Good job :)