2,000,000 MAX LOOT CART | Clash of Clans | TH 10 Dead Base Account

  1. I know the resources are not consistent after I collected the loot cart, it's because I recorded that part yesterday and the rest today. But I assure you that was my loot cart ?

  2. dude totally do barch please please do it

  3. i had 3.2 gold n elixir and 6.4 dark elixir, th 8 , over 8 months

  4. He said 2 million he only got 1.4 milion

  5. what happend to your brother??

  6. make clash rohale clan on clash royal for little cam

  7. Pls do barch

  8. its not 2 mil to be max cuz i had like 2.3 mil

  9. Your intro is always so funny great videos man keep it up

  10. I got 3 million in my lootthing

  11. 7 days 20000 ???

  12. I like these types of videos

  13. that third attack was an almost exact copy of my last warattack lol

  14. Sup everyone i just found out that Jack Boyer And XaMeLeOn is just a bunch of idiots that wants to scam you don't go in to the site and report the yotube acounts 😀 Have a nice day

  15. Im th9 with lvl 6 walls :/

  16. More Clash of Clan videos… looks like it's time to unsubscribe.

  17. all i hear is "so we are actually gonna"

  18. oh there it's moving

  19. why isn't his mouth moving when he's taking

  20. Clash of clans YEEEEEEEY

  21. Clash With Cam OG!!!

  22. I'm a TH 9 and my queen is level 7 and King level 11 and you say you have week heroes?

  23. Do it for the vine???

  24. I got 6 three stars with only battle rams

  25. 101

  26. Cam can you play big bang racing… Please

  27. To the people saying "he collected 2m gold and 2m Elixir but saying that he had only 1.6m good READ THE PINNED COMMENT BY CAM U'LL UNDERSTAND

  28. what is the fullform of OG

  29. Cam start a newly townhall 9 and 10 series alot of players are at townhall 9 and 10 you can get more views from townhall 9 players and 10s

  30. The intro?