26 Baby Dragons vs 13 Dragons | Mass Baby Dragon vs Mass Dragon | Clash of Clans

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  1. I have a cpl tubers I have found out had spies in my clan so there are 2 ppl I absolutely don't want to request off their pages

  2. just wish I had th 9 and 10 to friendly challenge and test my base designs on tho hey do you mind if I do a request of your page for recruits

  3. You just use friendly challenge for this.

  4. Try doing friendly challenges on the same base so its all even then do a multiplayer battle with them. Great vid btw and #DRAGONVICTORY

  5. problem we have is the max drag vs nit maxed baby drag but still enjoyable

  6. id love this to become a series because i find it so fun to watch 2 troops face off :)

  7. 240 barbs vs 240 archers? great vid

  8. lol i did not think baby dragons are strong at lvl 1 like that lol nice video 🙂 i liked dragons more than baby dragons lol

  9. 1 more thing… #babydragonsshouldhavewon

  10. So much fun to watch this!Try all pekkas with jump and rage spells VS 9 golems with jumps and rage.Hope to see more like this #MamaDragonVictory

  11. kool bid sloth man ;)

  12. Barbarians vs archer vs goblin

  13. daaamn… nice video. r u gonna help us to do a substitute for the queen walk… is it even possible? keep up the amazing work


  15. Maybe do one tournament for clash royale and i will be happy to attend

  16. Noice Mate ;)

  17. hog v loon

  18. bowlers v wiz

  19. hogs vs giants

  20. First!

  21. nice vid