270 Defense Wins in Champion League?

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  1. Hi! I m a
    German YouTuber!Nice Video!Could i use the base for one of my Videos?

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    45 excuses to why I can’t get a job.

  3. Why do have to be a hater it’s not your business to see how many wins he
    has or defenses you have no proof he genes or he’s cheating and you never
    know he might have a life you don’t know how long he’s played. You went
    threw all that trouble to prove he was cheating and the final result you
    felt stupid and salty

  4. im pretty sure a lot of those defenses are from people droppin
    trophies…..common man.

  5. This war around the time of the Imod hack that the top players were using
    for free defense wins he was hacking for sure 

  6. Maybe he was in bronze league or something and people attacked for the
    loot, and lost?

  7. Honestly that base looks like shit

  8. go to my channel click my profile i have a clash of clans ep1 

  9. plz make a town hall 7 version of this base

  10. “is he a no life who plays 24-7”

    The irony of that comment.

  11. He probably was in silver or bronze and then pushed to champs…

  12. I have a maxed th7 base. and i am at gold 2 league. But my defense are
    worst. Can somebody help me?

  13. I realize this is an old video but cheating on defense would be a lot of
    effort and also very hard to do even in crystal as soon as u log off ur
    going to get attacked which would mean u need to get lucky 200 nd somethin
    times but c’mon that’s highly unlikely and I’ve seen someone who gets more
    defense wins than that every season and his base says his game name there’s
    really no strategy to his base at all or maybe that’s the strategy to just
    spell ur name and u always win lol his clan is trophy pushing now u might
    have already seen him his name is big red from highway 58 I seen him in my
    league his clan code is #890lup9u he’s using the same base as he did then
    go check him out he has a total of 4927 defense wins just shy of that 5k
    achievement which if u ask me is a huge milestone as I can’t win any
    defenses in the leaguesabove c3 but I’m th8 so… yeah just figured id
    leave my thots and let u know i really enjoy ur vids bro take care

  14. Yo Cam, You should check out a youtuber name “beakers lab” , that might be
    •1 time name change from the update, Lab -> Beakers Lab
    •He did a road to titians league
    •He’s videos shows him gaining trophies 24/7
    That might be him.
    See yea Cam
    (PS) This is a year ago video, just if your interested 

  15. guys can you help me? I’m lost I found 3 mortars but i can’t find the 4

  16. I got 602 successfully defend

  17. Wow it looks so easy but when you attack their is so many traps going to
    get you


  19. I tried to click on the Kik notification lol

  20. Probably TH sniped…I have 303 defensive wins and 300 attack wins… name
    Johny_Raincl0ud clan: PlayfulTyme 

  21. No 40% is a 12h shied and maybe people lost the attack and got 35 or under
    I know this stuff because I know how to get shields not with gems.made this
    to complete 

  22. I think he only started losing defenses cause of how much lower his
    defenses were compared to a maxed base 

  23. Hmm did anybody try hogs on that base

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