3 STAR EVERY BASE! BH5 Gameplay | Clash of Clans

  1. Actually Klaus ! The bases you smashed are just too easy to reck with Baby dragons, here at 2.8k as a bh5, I find pretty strong BH6s with lvl5 firecrackers and level 5 airbombs

  2. I agree with the lab, Cos baby dragons are super OP

  3. Klaus monkey d was my base

  4. rylan spec haha but it gives me coc hype haha xD

  5. There's no way you're active on the builder base, I was way farther than you are right now over a month ago…I don't gem btw

  6. why do you have two clash of clans app

  7. Upgrade cannon carts. Giants with cannon carts strategy is awesome, try it and nice video Klaus.

  8. Upgrade the minions, i use it and i'm at 3718 trofees

  9. You have an easy base to attack tho

  10. i subbed

  11. Upgrade minions to level 10 bcoz baby dragon minions are worth to upgrade at builder hall 5.

  12. thnks sir…. i was hoping for this video only????????

  13. Bombers are super good

  14. make a builder hall 6 let's play when you're done with bh 5

  15. It is okay to rush builder hall … with maxed out baby drags or maxed out witches(actually kind of like engineering) which is the best I think. You can use mass drags/witches..and gain 3000 and then max other defenses with high loot bonus. I am having 3605 trophies now with max baby drags (not bh6 maxed defenses though)

  16. First thing to do as a BH5 is to max the Battle Machine ASAP! After, go on to the other troops 🙂
    I mean don't spend any elixir in the lab while your battle machine isn't level 5 yet.

  17. why are you doing most of the stuff off camera?

  18. Finally a video I can relate to I'm not a th10 or th11

  19. klaus can i plz join ur clan i love ur vids

  20. anyone have rush account give it to me i want to play

  21. is it only me that never gets lower level builderhall in battle
    and gets match up against higher level buiilderhall.
    and once in blue moon only match up against a similar lvl builderhall

  22. Well I'm definitely going to use that attack strategy now ?

  23. Cool attack bro

  24. My tip: Get Battle Machine lvl 5 as a top priority. I got it lvl 5 before I even got star lab lvl 5

  25. I just got to 3000 trophies earlier today

  26. Farm th11 please???

  27. I didn't rush and I'm a bh6 (I started playing the builder base sins it came out)

  28. I'm looking for a clan… Anyone

  29. minion

  30. Why is it lagd out wtf

  31. Minion lvl10 is Awesome!!!

  32. Should I farm at champion league or masters with my th9, and what army should I use

  33. Forget about the lab and get your Battle Machine to lvl 5, much more helpful imo.

  34. Minions lvl 10 first.

  35. u have level 2 battle machine I have level 5 bm

  36. Galadon needs to see this

  37. Please don't start doing builder base videos

  38. You are my inspiration love you keep it up

  39. old intro plzzzz klaus bring it back

  40. im early to see your video without thumbnail =)

  41. I would recommend maxing your battle machine to level 5 asap, it really helps in battle.