3 Star Series: 7 Golem War Attack Strategy TH10 Killing It!!! | Clash of Clans

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  1. you said the defenders name wrong lol its mean a toe like from naruto

  2. My family 😉 just kidding but probably a tv dinner

  3. Keep up the good content and clash on!!?

  4. QT: I love to eat apple/banana pie for dessert…..And for lunch/dinner i love to eat tamales!

  5. I don't get it, what's the point abt do u get anything

  6. Qt: Sausage and gravy made by my grandma ???


  8. ik, ik. I'm always that one pesky little bugger that says I'm missing QT points. if its not trouble, can u hit me up with the 2 I just won last vid? thx. sorry lol

  9. Qt: lasagna, we have it for dinner once a year only on Christmas.

  10. QT: Sausage Rolls

  11. Do lvl 2 hogs and lvl1 golems work for goho against average th8 on cw for 3 stars?

  12. QT: creampie. I mean… Applepie

  13. A whole roasted pig! It's called lechon. You might know about it since everybody from the Philippines does :D

  14. QT: Gotta be a nice Turkey/Ham (Meat) as well as the special "Grandmother's Home-made" dessert! P.S. Great Videos Lately! keep it Up!