3 Star Series: Hog Riders Attack Strategy TH8 | When Do You Need A Golem? | Clash of Clans

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  1. bit late thanks to my sisters birthday and such, but for the question; Fifa would be hilarious as a movie, as fifa is trying to be like real life but is terrible and glitchy. But Clash of Clans, like most people think, would be ourstanding!

  2. My answer is ….Clash of clans..
    and movie name –Rise Of Barbarian King….and story be like — A king who lost his throne to Evil Forces and then reunites the army to get back his throne…

  3. My answer to the question is… Fallout 4

  4. Haha surprised you even uploaded on Christmas day, it's your day off enjoy the time with your family m8

  5. QT: HALO SERIES All the way!!!!!!!

  6. Qt: Injustice: God among us. It would be an epic film

  7. A better make of doom would be good. Btw I ran across 800k looting this morning.

  8. Assassin's creed from 1 to 3 including brotherhood, and revelations

  9. I would use GoVaLo with earthquake spells if I was attacking that TH8 base in war

  10. QT- Call of Duty

  11. Yo today I'm getting a maxed th10 from my mate and maybe can I join ya clan

  12. Awesome vid

  13. Qt-Super smash Bros,maybe like each character meets each other and stay in a group until all other characters are found then all the characters duke it out last one standing wins

  14. QT: Five Nights at Freddy's :P

  15. assassin's creed

  16. qt: Fallout 4

  17. Got 2400 DE th8 attacking th8 with all lvl 3 drags

  18. Nice! I would say COC would be kinda cool :)

  19. QT:coc will be a nice movie from noob th1 to pro th11 and also the spells and the troops.
    I think it will be an awesome movie ; )

  20. who have an account on appnana that have 15 k points pls help me my code is t13488407