3 Star Series: Suicide Dragons + Golavaloon Attack Strategy TH 9 Anti-3 Star Base | Clash of Clans

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  1. Great champ´╗┐

  2. mas to ligado q tou aq pelo nery :v´╗┐

  3. I was just thinking about another video where you featured suicide dragons. I saw a base where it might have been good, but I wasn't sure. I'm glad you are giving the less used strategies a spotlight.´╗┐

  4. if that was was maxed theres no way this would have 3 starred, but decent attack nevertheless´╗┐

  5. clash com nery WITH gordinho clash fala tchau o widked:FALA TCHAU´╗┐

  6. Fala tchal Wicked ?????? I came by NERY channel , I'm brazilian !´╗┐

  7. Very good´╗┐

  8. Wish I was this good at attacking anti 3s´╗┐

  9. really lucky´╗┐

  10. Wow great strategy and nice execution by the champ!´╗┐

  11. Great video´╗┐

  12. ??´╗┐