[3 Star TH9 #36] Cold Blooded Lavaloon Power

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  1. Hey!, I thought that cold blooded means 1 hound. but it's 4. strange. loll

  2. @jack sparrow you are the best man…very informative…very effective base design… i salute you!!!!

  3. tell me yours name in fb and my name syed varusai profil pic brazil football players

  4. dis u in fb i want to send a image tell me how do three star that base plss plss

  5. i need help yah

  6. nice video. Also i like the music u put on ur vidos

  7. Jack can you make a video on th8.5 just without xbows for clan war?

  8. my king is only lvl 10 and my Queen is lvl 12… not everyone have so good heroes like you…

  9. can u make other th9 hybrid base

  10. Good

  11. + | JACK SPARROW COC i would want to see some low level hero contents. High level heroes are not so suitable for me

  12. This is golaloon not lavaloon, is it?

  13. I'm a fan. Can I join your clan?

  14. Can we see some low level attacks?

  15. oooh jack i upset you :(

  16. اول?

  17. First

  18. A lava hound does seem like it would be cold blooded, but it's made of rock and lava xD Jack Sparrow, the best 3 star strategist evar!

  19. second haha

  20. 2