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  1. iTunes plz

  2. Android plz because I am stuck at th 7 for months and I want 4 th builder and I am14 years old no one give money to do it #givememoney

  3. androide … and I have 2 reasons . i have been a sub for over an year u r my ideal in this game and 2 reason is that i havent won even a single penny ever …….

  4. google play
    i want to win i are a dutch subscriber and i love you

  5. Awewome

  6. iTunes I'm very lucky that's why 🙂

  7. man i neeed Android gift card #GENERALTONY

  8. last you don't give me plz android card for gems

  9. hi GENERAL TONY I need Android card so that I can buy my builders..
    and I think I should get the card coz I need them..

  10. Ios, I would like to gem like u I've never bought gems so I would like to know what it feels like,carry on the great work tony!

  11. android for buying gems

  12. Tony you should max out ur Haste Spell. ???

  13. iTunes I love your videos

  14. iTunes: I am a middle range th 9 and want to get better and have been subscribed for a while and would really love some cash to help out my base

  15. iTunes. I have been playing Clash of Clans for three years and you are one the best YouTubers out there

  16. General Tony I want Itunes Card Reason is BEcause your Motinivation helped me crate a youtube channel and so far it is pretty good last night just hitted 150 subs so with the itunes care i will be able to buy gems and make more challenges like your Geneal tony and Take Care Mate and Peace hope you reach 50M subscribers one day and Yes – I want to win this

  17. i want to join your clan can you give your clan information my name is Roman Reings in coc and my th levle is 7 please give your clan information.

  18. android cause I want to sweat clash of clans

  19. I want an android gift card to buy gems for coc so that I can catch up to you as early as possible

  20. iTunes. u are my fav. keep doing what ur doing

  21. android

  22. andriod

  23. General Tony | Clash Of Clans & Clash Royale ithunes

  24. i need android.i need to buy gems because i am totally going crazy in super cell games!

  25. i tunes please! i want to win because ive been a loyal watcher!

  26. Android please

  27. Android
    i need that so I can buy some gems in coc
    so I can be strong in coc please let me had that

  28. Android… cuz… im never gonna give u up, nevah gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert uuuuuj

  29. i want Android gift card

  30. I want to max out my th7 so i want google play giftcard please gt

  31. i tunes!

  32. google

  33. I want Android so that I can Gem Like U Dad

  34. I want to join your clan tony pleaase

  35. I want android card plz for gems of coc

  36. tony please write your clan tag ….please tony

  37. do the MAX all calls with no spells

  38. A android card, to spend gems like you..

  39. Android. you're my favorite you tuber. Specially for clash of clans. Be happy and keep clashing. Thanks if you'll choose me.☺☺

  40. General Tony : Android Gift Card Here. Cause I think General Tony(GT) > Game of thrones(GOT).?

  41. Hi Tony, I use Android and the reason I should win is that I love watching ur videos and ur videos are the only reason why I joined COC……….Keep doing this osm work. Luv ur Episodes.( I live in India)

  42. Tony want to use your attack strategies and even upgrade my queen and king and even get my builder hut
    I am a big fan

  43. android , great video bro!

  44. android

  45. Clash of clans Android

  46. I want an Android gift card do I could gem my archer queen to level10 like u

  47. Android