34 vs 34 WAR! TWO POPULAR TH10 3-STAR STRATEGIES & 1 Not-So Popular

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  3. Amazing method

  4. yes i do miss hogs. hgs were my jam at th9 along with many others i imagine. maybe the one goood thing that comes from next update is i get to release the swine once again for something more than a cc lure :,)


  6. What was chiefer's army?

  7. Thanks PB this video really helped me I will obviously start using these strategies

  8. HOGS ALL DAY! Thats what i use for my attacks in war ???

  9. Always great content PowerBang and i've been a happy subscriber for a long time. Keep up the great work!!! Anybody else getting the impression after all this time that supercell are not even trying to fix the matchmaking nightmare?? Relentlessly outmatched by th11's !!!

  10. Great video content. I just started practicing hogs with th10 attacks. Very risky indeed, but after mainly sticking with bowitch for so long it is a welcomed challenge. So far I've had low success but that % is climbing. One of our more skilled attackers cleared a low level th11 with hogs (fun to watch).

    You're right in your video – that strong kill squad is 1st key, 2nd key being a very timely freeze/heal drop on that inferno.

    Where I fail most often is when I try to surgically drop hogs. That's tough because you may not get full value for heals. To help with that, I stick mainly to mass drop but I bring a couple giants to distract for the approaching pack of hogs to a heavy defense section.

    Again, great content. Keep it rolling. Peace!

  11. Powerbang, I would love to see a video where you show failed attacks and explain what they did wrong or maybe an episode on what makes bases good or bad for war.

  12. Re: hogs. Loved that hog attack. Definitely rare they win an attack beyond TH9. Hogs at TH10 and 11 are underpowered still. Especially at TH11. They are a non existent troop at TH11. I think L6 hogs need to have their hp and damage boosted 10% and L7 hogs should add another 10% on top of L6 (not add a new level of hogs, Supercell. Just make these better). I think the best way to determine balance is – are donated (max) troops too OP when given to lower TH's? Hogs are never requested by TH9s which goes to show the higher levels aren't currently balanced. Even in a hog based attack TH9s request bowlers every single time.

  13. Would love to use hogs at townhall 10. Did quite a bit of testing with them and even the well planned and well executed hits were falling short on max/near-max 10s. Spring traps are op. I would like to see level 6-7 hogs get a slight HP buff, a little would go a long way

  14. You know what would make the game more interesting I hear people say all the time. They wish they could chat with clans they war with make it optional to turn on an off and to be able to chat with friends that are not in ya clan somehow would be so dope man

  15. I use to love hogs but to many things against them at th10

  16. yeah hogs are too risky at th10 with 2nd level IT. Miners are Awesome and so is the BOwitch

  17. Hogs have less success on Max TH10 bases

  18. Hi Powerbang, would be nice to see some attacks in which the CC comprises of witches & baby dragon, as I usually encounter. Quite a combo for a defensive CC, I'd like to see how your team copes with such CCs.

  19. all time i see 3star attacks they dont have dragon in their CC , i case they have CC this not be happen

  20. Hey bro u are awesome. I watch every video as soon as possible. Loves ur work. Plz make a th9. 5 upgrade guide of defence according war weight. If u gonna make plz mention in next video. Thnkx

  21. Hogriders are risky

  22. How much coffee did you have before this vid PB? Haha j/k. Great video thanks. Keep doing what you do! ??

  23. I 100% miss using hogs since going to TH10. At th9 I used GOVAHO and would pretty much 3 star any th9. I will use hogs against a weak th10 in war sometimes. I mostly use bowlers at th10 . Just got miners to level 3 but I suck using them so will keep practising. Really rate your videos PB, g’day from Aussie man. Please keep doing what you do

  24. hi, we had an amazing war against an engineered clan from iran…but guess who has won.. greatest feeling when the hard work pays off xD
    greetings from Germany my friend.keep up the great work :))

  25. I use hogs quite a bit trying to get it done and I tell ya, what you showed in your vid is the result much more often than not – a chunk of leftover defenses with you praying that you have enough to push through. An awful lot of 87% 2 stars for me.

  26. I seriously miss hog in th10

  27. stop using lava in cc this is stupid

  28. Hogs is very risky at Th10 and very base specific

  29. thanks a lot PB! ? Finally some quality TH10 contents when everyone posts about TH9 and TH11 stuffs.. :3 love your work!

  30. That's not 34 vs 34 BTW

  31. Please talk about update

  32. I make a lot of videos of goboho at th9 and i have yet to make one on th10s. Hogs without a doubt need a buff at th10. I'd love to see goboho used a lot more at th10. Great video! I've learned a lot from you

  33. Why your account has banned ?

  34. I like you

  35. New legendary cr card royal ghost check coming soon cards

  36. Id like to see hogs get some more love maybe valks too. I miss the days when govaho was usable at th10

  37. i wanna know what the new xmas tree looks like