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  1. Nuke spell blows up everything in the map

  2. a sinkhole trap

  3. A poison spell trap when triggered it creates a poison spell around attacking troops killing them slowly the longer they're in there

  4. dark

  5. I think the boat idea is nice but if the boat has the clan logo and that brings the reinforcement troops which are donated then it would be great

  6. Supercell doesn't seem to care about COC anymore. If we got updates half as fast as CR the game would be better. The latest update is decent, but the game is still lacking a lot of things the players actually want but don't have.

  7. Yess tony

  8. Tony whould there be any war I could join ur clan…….. I'm only lvl 52 and th7

  9. CoC is messing around your idea all of them should go i to it Tony

  10. I do

  11. the first one u said

  12. great

  13. my sister have scary pupkin

  14. the ship

  15. I love the 1st idea

  16. I really need money

  17. I really like the troll base!!!

  18. They should add giant skeleton from royale as a new hero

  19. how did you get so good at this game

  20. Anyone want to add me on coc?

  21. I. want. sometimes. changes

  22. I really love the idea of Dailey challenges and I also think that to have more single player campaign maps would be amazing! I also would love to look forward to new troops every week like that other game I think it called royal clash?!? I really think that new campaign levels and daily missions can really impact the future of COC!

    {Tony you are so close to 1MIL.}

  23. new level to the pekka

  24. I just got my first scary pumpkin

  25. gt how about sink hole