55 HOG RIDERS vs 55 Miners | Mass Hogs vs Mass Miner Attacks | Clash of Clans

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  1. use No spells next time

  2. use No spells next time

  3. #Needsmorejumpspell miner gone win

  4. # need more jump spells
    attacking th10 with both maxed out troops could solve it

  5. I think u should do no spells n heros but also the time

  6. Those bases were so uneven lol

  7. Have then battle at the legendary goblin map sherbet towers

  8. #NeedMoreJumpSpells might need a friendly challenge on same base with same cc troops, with a 5 troop reduction on each tie.

  9. Hog riders

  10. my favorite troop Hog Riderrr :)

  11. best way to decide a winner is to base it off who was the fastest

  12. best way to decide a winner is to base it off who was the fastest

  13. #need more jump spells just see who did it in the shortest time


  15. Hogs win! :)

  16. بطل

  17. who can defeat a base faster, no extra help, and on the same base (like a clan member base)

  18. do the race but no spells

  19. no spells, and on sherbet towers, and no extra clan castle troops

  20. #leaporjumpspells

  21. for a th 11 miners would make more percentage than hogs because hogs target only defenses and they gonna get raped by inferni towers and so on, while miners attack any building . Anyway awesome video , keep it up

  22. #need more jump spells, use spam instead of surgical deployment and leave defending archer queen up to settle the tie

  23. hogs are going to win

  24. I know it is not a friendly challenge base but it takes too much time waiting for the same person to be on to attack the same base while I make different troops. So I just attacked bases around the same difficultly. Remember videos like these are just for entertainment and should not be taken seriously. Looking forward to hearing people's suggestions on a rematch idea. <3 u guys