#8 Pushing to Legend, Worse Lost Ever in Titan – Clash of Clans

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  1. 'at that' ..'at that'..lol…

  2. ur stuck @ 4700 as you just one star every base u attack.

  3. sounded like Thais more than

  4. unete a war of la gavia anda

  5. loving the series. thanks

  6. stop showing people how 5o destroy your base

  7. That singaporean accent though haha

  8. Hey!

  9. hi

  10. Singapore?

  11. Who is indonesian

  12. You are level 310 you should be rank over nine thousand

  13. I <3 this series

  14. GoBitches OP! :P

  15. MAN U SUCK

  16. a Brandon on when u were looking on top players where is SG? it's was in local?

  17. No offense Brandon but all u do is spam ur troops and hope that ur spells funnel for you.. The only reason ur as high as u are is because you play ALL the time and get mostly one stars not trying to be rude but if u didnt have ur 40s you woulda loose 20% of the time cause your heros couldn't save u with the 50% all ur raids

  18. so many stupid people comented here. i just couldnt stop laughing

  19. Does anyone know what that base is called? Or a base build of it? (At 8:56)

  20. BR AQUI