A Massive GoWiPe Attack – Top 200 Clan Wars

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  1. War conclusion vid coming out soon u say

  2. It Is funny cause I pekka tori is a funny way to say Peccatori that means
    The Sinners.

  3. Gobitches and trolling!!!!!

  4. ur vids are amazing cam, its nice to see how much effort you put into
    clash, strong gemmer here and good luck for the rest of our clash career

  5. The ourtro song is really loud compared to your voice, would you be able to
    reduce the sound of the song? It gives me a mini heartattack every time it

  6. Can u help us in a war my clan?

  7. i love ur videos the commentary is hilarious

  8. @clash with cam is there any way I could join your clan THA WARLORDZ ? Plz
    reply if I can join. 

  9. LOL “I still have one attack.” Cliff hanger fail 😀 But I’ll still watch
    the next part cuz you’re fucking beast.

  10. Go bitches?

  11. LOOK PLEASE READ!!! Look in the best clan in clash of clans Quantum’s web
    there is a town hall 6 level 44 in champion like he has to hack there is
    no way please like so i can have a explination.

  12. u funny man, subcribe

  13. I love your videos

  14. You pat and jrod all uploaded!!

  15. its harder to 3 star now that we cant lure heroes

  16. Gowipe ur own ass

  17. Nice video man

  18. non-gemmer sry

  19. Nice man keep it up cheers ? your vids make my day:)

  20. I love ur videos Cam but plz upload a bit more but still i LOVE ur attacks
    and ur vids 

  21. Keep the swearing up!! LOL!! :)

  22. Awesome video. Good job

  23. fourth comment

  24. I faced these guys and we lost 72 to 89