Ahmed al Attar Clan محمد بن زاي vs Iran Top – Beautiful 3 Star Attacks

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  1. Tag clan AHME DALATTAR ???

  2. i got his instgram he has 12k followers

  3. have seen tihs an arabian post this few days ago
    العرب فينكم خطو لايكات

  4. Ed can you Plzz tell me why Ahmed al attar is not pushing anymore

  5. Cool war .AHMMAD good player ???

  6. العرب اسياد اللعبه لولا الخلافات بين كلانات والصيد المستمر

  7. How if we get to see a Ahmedalattar vs ITD friendly war video?

  8. Can someone please tell the clan tag of that Ahmed clan!!!

  9. how can i jion this types of war clan???

  10. Where are you from ? ED

  11. مبدع

  12. Not have a way of whatch this vídeo in public

  13. Aburre esa vos del marica del monta

  14. Still couldn't hear oppaoppa from the hoggie ?☕…☁come on,come on somebody fix the cloud☁

  15. By the way, the clan is called "mohammed bin zaied"

  16. Ahmed Alattar da beast

  17. Great content ed

  18. excellent video, greetings from Costa Rica brother

  19. Sup Ed

  20. Tô mano parabéns br aqui o