ALL AIR ATTACKS @ TH11, TH10, TH9 | War Recap #137

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  1. LAHV the air attacks! More please!

  2. It's funny. I'll pause the vid and try to not look at the troop comp and see if I can figure out what I'd do. I'm getting better but I never would've come up with these attacks. Those last two were genius imo. Thanks for the vids.

  3. Say the name powerbang to your self, reply if ur dirty :)

  4. I've been looking for a way to beat that popular th9 war base in the last attack you showed, thanks PB!

  5. plz make a townhall10 anti 3 star war base plz

  6. Powerbang your queen walks are the best of all time+attacks.

  7. awsm attacks and nice strategies can u pls upload a video on how to GOHOWI a base for th8+

  8. I always find you vids helpful. just wondering why you do not show failed raids (non 3 stars) and critique them? showing why things don't work is sometimes just as informative as why they do.

  9. I got the 100th like :)))

  10. Best th9 content on YouTube great job PB!

  11. +powerbanggaming

  12. +powerbang gaming can u show th8 more

  13. "He hopes" hahaha, good stuff pb

  14. I Love you Videos! 🙂 Nice Nice Video! 😉 ??

  15. Hey powerbang, Are you planning to make a recap for the whf2 wars against House of el/ Dark looters?

  16. He saved the best for last ?

  17. great videos man, love your content! I learn a lot from you guys. you deserve more subs!

  18. Hey PB great video man

  19. first

  20. Goood stuff ;D