All BABY DRAGON Attack with CLONE SPELL | DOES IT WORK? | Clash of Clans

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  1. #cutebutdeadly

  2. how much elixir does it cost to upgrade the barracks to level 11?

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  4. Those baby dragons are #cuteanddeadly ?

  5. #cutebutdeadly

  6. When is the update coming out?

  7. Can you do a dragon baby dragon attack

  8. Wicked can u follow back Twitter so I can message u

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  10. #cutebutdeadly

  11. Now let's get some new goblin maps to test these new troops on

  12. I followed u on Twitter can u message me plz

  13. Wicked

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  15. Cutebutdeadly – wow! They could be the best farming air troop especially for a th9

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  17. where is clone spell ??

  18. when will d update come??

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  20. PLZ can u tell me At which Townhall They available..

  21. What about standard drag style raid? 4 lightning 2 eq to take out two air def with a real drag and depending on level loon in cc?

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  23. #cutebutdeadly

  24. #cute but deadly

  25. #cutebutdeadly

  26. Will the Miner get cloned under earth? And will the skellys from the spell get cloned?

  27. #cutebutdeadly awesome vid wicked, im gonna expect more videos on strats soon

  28. #cutebutdeadly

  29. I will be using them for trash cleaning,
    also for funneling, as I don't yes see they as a troop that's ready to be built around on in a war war hybrid….

  30. When is the clash update out?

  31. They look so cute in clash of clans lol! Great video man!

  32. Me

  33. #cutebutdeadly Great vid wicked! I will be waiting for your tutorials on baby drag strategies :D

  34. #CuteButDeadly

  35. #cutebuttdeadly Maybe 3 hounds, 2 rage, and 7 haste? I'd love to see that!

  36. #CuteButDeadly

  37. Clash of Clans

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  39. How much he need to upgrade the barracks to unlock baby dragon???

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  41. why is the housing space of baby drag?

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  43. Cute but DEADLY!

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  45. when's the update its monday where I am

  46. Under 300 squad?

  47. im early af and im 42nd

  48. Who is hyped for the update?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Nice!

  50. Wow AWESOME :D