ALL MINER ATTACK and Clone Spells | Can We 3 Star?? | Clash of Clans

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  1. #queenkiller

  2. Hey bro. Happened to run across you in one of the G+ communities. ?

  3. wow another youtuber said they are available at th7 not th10

  4. what if you use witches with the clone spell? will the cloned witch be able to generate skeletons?

  5. I bet the clash of clans team had to dig through a bunch of old clash royale files to get this troop

  6. #queenkiller

  7. #QUEENKILLER I am new to your channel but I must say you are awesome. Keep it up!

  8. #queenkiller

  9. # queen killer

  10. #queen killer

  11. is the update tomorrow?

  12. How did you get the miner ?? Sorry if i speak bad english because im french ! ?

  13. Hello Wiched Gaming ! I speak french But I love your series (Valkyrie tournament)Can you do Miner Tournament When the update …Sorry for m'y english :/ #IloveYou bro

  14. i thought they were at th7?

  15. I can't wait to try that against infernos and try heal when underground. #QueenKiller!

  16. do you work at supercell or you are a beta tester

  17. when is the update? can someone answer?

  18. QT: (Golem comes out of CC and miner starts hitting it) Golem: Stop that bro these crystals won't come off!

  19. I can see these guys getting a nurf with in 2 weeks. I think they have a little bit too much health. #QueenKiller

  20. is the update out yet

  21. #queen killer

  22. Rip single target inferno

  23. when will the update come and can we expect tomorrow

  24. When comes the update to europe i still can t play with the new update?

  25. #queenkiller

  26. #queenkilla!!! I love them things!!!:)

  27. #queenkiller Queen: who are u?
    My name is…..Larry!! Great vid wicked!

  28. احتزم

  29. A wizard tower to a dying miner : You dig up your own grave! XD

  30. how can we get dev mode

  31. awesome

  32. Damn! These guys are very over powered!

  33. Tell me your best Miner Puns Below…. I would totally DIG that haha

  34. queen killa

  35. queen killer