ALL UPGRADED TROOPS & WEAPONS!!! (Clash of clans October 2016 Update)

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  1. #i use dragon teams

  2. ???

  3. my Ukraine

  4. сасіте сукі я з україни

  5. In feet

  6. Godson how tall are you?

  7. i do

  8. Godson is a chief ?

  9. i mass dragon farm

  10. If you are hyped for update like!

  11. when is the update coming out? I've been waiting since 7 a.m. and nothing comes out

  12. why they are adding a bomb tower.

  13. I use drags for war


  15. Hopefully, they buff the L2 (th10) witch too. If she can't survive a giant bomb, the buff is pointless for th10s. Which would make witches completely unusable until L3. That would be dumb.

  16. God

  17. HELL YA

  18. is there anything being released not in the sneak peeks

  19. i use drags almost all the time

  20. what

  21. as a th8 i use DraHo, which is 4 drags 22 hogs and 10 archers

  22. dragons were my best th8 troops to use in war n reason why I stopped using them was bc they went the opposite way I wanted them to go. October update hype…clash of clans really does need n update tho

  23. yes i like dragon and i use it ☺

  24. My clan is a baby dragon fan

  25. How does he get this version of clash of clans even if it is not out yet

  26. so basically gowiwi will be back