AMAZING! Best TH10 3 Star Attack Strategies Post Update in Clash of Clans – War Strategy CoC 2018!

  1. Great vid, I'm working on Hogs. Quick question, no HGHB? Thoughts.

  2. Why do those people have town halls outside their base in their clan base?

  3. Super attacks

  4. Very Nice bro !!?

  5. What is the minimum level ur queen should be to do the bo witch?

  6. Guessed them yes judo I totally agree maybe not with the hogs as number 2 because laloon is a little harder to execute in my opinion but still awesome video keep em coming

  7. Hogs laloon and bowithch

  8. Miners don't work well for me. Ive had more success with Aq walk hogs than any comp. Sometimes Laloon

  9. You are the Best COC YouTuber. I love the way of your teaching. One of the most Underrated channels

  10. That will help alot!

  11. Great vid again Judo. Been using hogs since inferno update. Great clash content brother.

  12. Nice aatck plz bring more stuff for th 8 u forgot your th 8 subscribe other wise nice video ???