AMAZING! MINERS THE NEW BEST TH10 ATTACK STRATEGY – Clash of Clans Town Hall 10 War Attacks 2017

  1. Great video judo. I have watched all the miner videos and tried them a lot. Where they fall apart is non cwl wars have the th in the center of the base. That absolutely wrecks miners with all them defenses on them when they struggle on the th. Non cwl ccs have dragons and loons too which is much worse on miners than hounds. Find some anti 2 star, 88-89k weight bases and experiment with the miners. It usually doesn't work for 3 stars.

  2. These Videos are Awesome man.! Great content. I'm a new TH10 ( doesn't have 3rd xbow & Infernos) , But I planned to upgrade my both Heroes to Level 40, Now there are at Level 38.Can you give some tips for me to start WAR again? 🙂 Thanks

  3. Nice man!

  4. I three starred a th11 as a th10 he had e artillery and i used miners tbey are op

  5. Great vid mate. Still waiting on your war attacks ??.. keep up the good work

  6. I dont understand. Face cam doesnt bring any profit to you, so why dont you make ur face cam videos a bait. U deserve to be as famous as nickatnyte. Thnx good luck with Youtube

  7. Great vid judo all the strats are great I use them all on my mini loving th9 atm much more so than 11

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  10. I love you judo I love your vidz